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  1. Has anyone had this problem? The standard max cartridge overall length for the 10mm is 1.260". Every time I load them to this length, regardless of bullet type I get about 2-3 failures to feed per mag. When I load them to 1.250" no issues at all. Not a big deal since all the factory stuff is under 1.260" and I can control mine....just asking. thank you
  2. Thank you so much, makes perfect sense. I hope they do not continue to fall out after every shot after this modification.
  3. I have been shooting the heck out of my limited witness. Light loads ---heavy loads---- everything! So far so good. I did have one problem though. Got an extra mag from Midway USA. They advertised it as a 15 shot. When it arrived it had 14 written on it. No big deal until I tried to seat it in the gun. I slammed the heck out of it in order to seat it and I thought it sat well. Every shot the mag release disengaged and it fell on the ground! I called Midway USA and they are sending a new one. The factory mag is a gem. This is it... http://www.midwayusa.com/viewProduct/?productNumber=416807 It seems to me that it does not seat in deep enough for the magazine "button" to engage the groove on the magazine. Any input? Also is this the model 10mm that has the cracked slides issue? This slide feels like a boat anchor and I had a 20 lbs spring kit installed from wolf. Here is another picture
  4. Actually I do not think this is the model that was affected. I think it was the wonder finish one. Maybe someone can correct me if I am wrong. I did swap springs to a 20 LBS spring set from Wolff. I shot another 50 rounds or so yesterday with a hotter load 180 gr JHP with a max load of Blue dot. They averaged 1300 fps. Definitely max and I felt it too, and verified by the chronograph.
  5. 180 JHP 10 gr Blue dot. 1075 fps
  6. Yeah I know man! Ha Ha Yup it was 15 yards out.
  7. There I was minding my own business when this creep showed up. He was really pissed off! I immediately pulled out my Tangfoglio 10mm Auto! and after one clip full of 15 shots rapid fire at 15 yards this is what he looked like! Man I gotta grow up one of these days! :oh yea: Actually a great gun!!!!!! Swapped to a 20 lbs spring. No issues thus far.
  8. BTW which of the models are the problematic ones with the cracked slides?
  9. Went out and got it. A Tangfoglio (AKA EAA Witness) 15 shot 10mm auto pistol. I had one in 9mm and it was awesome. Will be shooting it soon and will report findings. One question. Just to be on the safe side Wolf springs claim the factory spring for this one is 14 LBS. What do I replace it with so I can avoid and future damage?
  10. These are the latest version with improved white follower. I have 6 of them used but excellent plus condition. 120.00 shipped OBO .. Usually they go for 30 a piece... PM me or e-mail fotis416@yahoo.com.
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