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  1. I noticed you said you have good ammo already. You may have to hand load your cartridges to get the most out of your gun. Nice looking rifle.
  2. Add me to the list. Horicon area.
  3. cjk

    Good Range

    Ive got a friend who is a member at a range in Ripon. They have a nice 300yd range with pull up/down targets. We have a small farm near Horicon that I shoot on. 300+ yards to the railroad grade. Right now with the snow it would be tough to get to the targets but get a hold of me when the weather cooperates and we can get some AR time in.
  4. Hi, nice site you have here. As you may have guessed Im new to 10mm pistols and have some questions. I can buy a new G20 for $505 with standard sights. I figure another $100 for night sites. Shipping and FFL transfer another $35. $640 total. Then I found this in my local area, Like new Glock 20 (serial # HML3xx) w/ matching box/papers/unfired case/OEM recoil rod/tools, hand-polished feed ramp (rag & Flitz), and (2) 15rd. original factory mags (probably loaded up only 1-2 times). This is in excellent (99%) condition and was purchased a little over a year ago (only 250-300rds. fired). Other parts installed: Heinie #318 SlantPro Tritium Night Sights (original fixed factory sights included) Grip plug Wolff steel guide rod + Wolff 22# recoil spring & extra-power striker spring I’ll toss in a Fobus paddle holster (G20/21) as well… $600 shipped (your FFL must be willing to accept shipment from a private seller) Email me for pics. What do you people think is the way to go? Should I be worried about the mods to the gun? Do they indicate a problem or are they an upgrade? I am still exchanging emails with the owner about the mods etc Thanks for your time.
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