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  1. I heard Cardinal is all but out of business, which sucks based on information I've read about his product. I solved my v-raptor problem by canning my own personal methane emissions and using them much the same as pepper spray... only now I have zombies. Damnit! Shooting s%#t at 1000 yards is great if it stays put, but unless you are a trained distance shooter with a super pimp rifle, you aren't going to hit anything out there. Besides, I know some of these dudes, and they are more mathematician than shooter. Try hitting something (or multiple somethings) thats moving less than 100 yards away, accurately and consistently, then ask yourself what you need.
  2. Here's another forum for you to check out. http://www.68forums.com/forums.php I was thinking like you are and wanting to get "the" AR-15. Truth is, it doesn't exist. You need at least 3. A 5.56, 6.8, and 7.62 Am I right? Now the fun part is turning these weapons into more specialized instruments of destruction. You've got a CQC weapon, a mid range sporting rifle, and a mid to long range sniper.
  3. chazamacue

    Some General Advice for the New AR Buyer

    Along with ar15.com, 6.8.com, you all have been very helpful in bringing newcomers into the fold.