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  1. Dont mean to hijack the thread but as for the power pistol does anyone have any data for a 155 grain SWC?
  2. I just bought a 10mm wonder and ordered a 22# recoil spring from Midway. I haven't shot it yet. I planned on going out today but the wind was blowing the snow sideways.
  3. ;) That is what I figured. I told him not to sell it to anyone else.
  4. Hi all., A friend of mine is looking to sell a couple pistols. He has a 1006 that he will sell me for $300. I have no experience at all with this pistol, If any of you have an opinion I would love to hear it. TIA
  5. Where to buy a #24 spring? Mine is the Government size
  6. My Kimber does exactly that. I have little brass marks behind the ejection port. I dont have a shock buffer in this one. I have read that heavy recoil springs are a double edged sword. I may reduce the wear and tear from the force of the slide moving to the rear but actually increases the speed and force of the slide moving forward. I am shooting a 155 grain swc with a mild charge of blue dot. I may experiment with that as well. I appreciate all the replies I am impressed with all of the knowledge here. TIA
  7. Thanks for the replies. I would just have someone spot my brass if I always had someone to do that but I shoot alone quite often. I can see where the ejector being too long would cause this. I could tune the extractor and give that a try. I am leaning toward the ejector and I will take baby steps tuning it. I have the same gun in 45acp with a #20 spring and it drops the brass about 4 feet to my right. Makes it very easy to find my spent brass.
  8. Hi folks, I have been trying to get my Kimber to eject the brass to a more reasonable distance. I increased the recoil spring to #22 and it helped some but I still have to have someone spot me when I shoot it or I never find any of my brass. Anyone have a cure for this? Thanks in advance.
  9. OK excuse my ignorance here but what do you mean by lock time? I have been looking around the net trying to find info on the stock spring and its suposed to be #18.5 so I looked at woff's sight and see they have a #24 spring for a 1911 government. It doesn't mention that its for a 10mm but I don't know if that matters.
  10. Ok. So anyone out there know what spring I might need for a full size 1911? Is it common for Kimber to use too weak a spring? This was its first trip out. I have no idea what pound spring is in it..
  11. How do you guys find your brass? I took my new Kimber Eclipse out today shooting 180 grain Berry's plated bullets and 10 grains of Blu Dot and without exaggeration at all I had to have a spotter watching where my brass was going. It would fly about 25" away and I bet I lost as many as I found. Are they all like this? My 45acp drops them about 5' away. :why:
  12. Thanks for the heads up on ordering direct from Starline that's cheap!
  13. This is my first post here., I need your help finding brass for my 10. Seems everywhere I look they are out of stock. Also I am looking for cast load data for 175 grain target loads. Thanks Todd
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