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    Dog days

    We have two dogs, sharpei/ shepard and akita/ St. Bernard. Both are as dear to us as my children, I have 5 children! The kids don't live with me anymore. The dogs do. Our dogs aren't "decorative" . their very protective and very effective. The old fat dog, sharpei/ shepard, can break one of those 2ft. smoked cow legs in about 3 good chomps. he's only 2ft. tall 3ft long, 77 lbs, and 12 ys old. The baby is 5ft 8 on his hind legs 135 lbs, and a little aggressive. When do you stop defending them? They will die defending you! I would personally return the favor
  2. wolf28

    lets go shoot

    I was looking through the IN. posts and decided the ohio guys have more fun!! WTF!! we should realy get togeather. all of us even !
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    Good Morning! It's Sunday

    Good Morning
  4. wolf28

    Good Morning! It's Sunday

    morning chores are done, time to goof off .
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    Sunday morning Wall paper

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    got the IT team on it!
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    For post 1000 I QUIT!

    Brother this may be the hardest thing you ever do to yourself. But like many of our contemporaries have stated You gotta' want to quit. Some people need more of a wake-up, I had to wait till I felt like I was drowning in my sleep before I quit. I used the commit lozenge. If you can handle the tingle in your cheek you can always pop one in when you get stressed. If your job can tolerate it, be a little more outspoken. don't screw yourself, but try not to hold in your anger during the trasitionfrom smoker to nonsmoker. i've been smokefree since 9-11-05
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    LOOK OUT SGTAR15 !!!!

    cool can I play too?
  9. wolf28

    i look like a retard

    12 hrs since last post and still no pix?!? COME ON! Janitor, that's the best emoticon yet.
  10. Congrats !! How far into Illinois are you from South Bend Indiana? I"ve got a truck, hand cart, and will work for BEER. :beer2:
  11. wolf28

    thoughts on a truck

    I'm guessing since your driving a $13K truck, looking @ a $25K truck. We're in different tax brackets. But, is your old truck inadequate enough to justify $12,000.00 ? Don't get me wrong, I'd love a new truck mine's an '88 chevy 3/4T reg cab w/ 200 +Kmi .just put $400.00 in it , 3core copper / brass radiator and 100 amp alternator. But no monthly payments. :smile:
  12. wolf28

    Motivational poster for Tuesday

    GOTTA LOVE OUR SOLDIERS !!! They are the only reason we can sit here and.... well, do whatever we all do.
  13. it's up to 8080!! that's so cool!!! send it to everyone you know, twice!!
  14. wolf28

    Another A$$hat blogger who needs a fire mission.

    That article shows just how well stupidity and narrow mindedness are protected! On the up-side, a lot of the responses are very well thought out. It just goes to show how important education really is. It's sad though, most media would focus on the "doorknobs" that said narrow minded, uneducated, "never happen to me" type of spew. Anything intelligent in favor of GUNS would be omitted. Only hot headed " knuckle dragging" would be shown in our favor.
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    Happy Birthday TomJefferson!

    Happy Birthday TJ
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    How old are you?

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    I just found something

    rule -o-thumb, if you won't drink it dont cook with it.
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    I just found something

    BC is right A/B said 110 day after "born on date" . package beer is pasteurized, but will still grow bacteria after a wile. draft beer , especially bud products are not pasteurized. they need to be refrigerated . draft has a shelf life of 50 days.@40 deg.F cooler is better, not below 33 though. it will freeze. not enough alcohol. :beer2: :LPD:
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    Brady campiagn to prevent gun violence has opened its

    funny thing we'r all #48 I think Brady's defence of President Reagan is admirable, the man took a bullet for his beliefs!! But they should not presume to know whats best for everyone
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    For your listening enjoyment

    nail on the head GM !! we've not had govt form mass produced in Polish, German, Portuguese, or Chinese! immigrate like every one else or get out. as for the "we do yobs that gringos don't want" let the DOC have those "YOBS" !!! :oh yea:
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    I almost forgot!!! HSRACER201, any news bout your health? I haven't been on line much lately.
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    you guys may have seen this . I thought it was cool. http://www.ghillie.com/gallery.htm maybe incite some discussion :oh yea:
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    some places to look for supplies http://www.google.com/search?sourceid=navc...e+your+own+BDUs Ilooked at the 1st one, it was soso. lots of paint ball stuff