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  1. The Omega rails are outstanding....I'm running these rails on a LMT upper.
  2. My first was a S&W1066....great gun....still own it. I hope to add a Fortis (if/when they are made) to my other 10mm.
  3. I met a few ROKs during my 2003 OIF deployment....very professional and tough soldiers. I've heard stories of their exploits in Viet Nam as well....and how much the VC were afraid of them.
  4. Hi there....it's been a while since I've regularly posted here. Well....at the 2007 SHOT Show, I took advantage of Irv Stone III's usual SHOT Show special on his barrels. He sells them for $50 less than usual. I purchased a drop-in 10mm barrel for my adjustable-sighted S&W 1006. Does anyone here have any experience with Bar-Sto's S&W 10mm barrels? If so, what kind of "improvements" are possible? During the 2006 SHOT Show, I purchased a Browning HP 9mm/Bar-Sto match-fit barrel; they are superb.
  5. I went to SHOT Show and visited the Taurus booth. The nicest thing I saw was a Novak custom PT1911....beautiful. I asked about the 10mm revolver they showed during the 2006 SHOT Show....Taurus elected not to make the darned gun.
  6. Beautiful.....I'd love to get one.....especially at that price!
  7. I went to SHOT Show in Orlando and fondled Wilson's 1911's....they felt sweet. A 10mm gun from Wilsons would be nice.
  8. Coincidentally enough, I contacted Robert Hunter about the feasibility of converting the new Tac-Forty to 10mm: XXXXX, I do not recommend doing a 10mm conversion on any LDA pistol. There's not enough frame rail on the right hand side of the gun. Also I would not use a PXT extractor gun for a 10mm conversion. Regards R E (Bob) Hunter www.huntercustoms.com
  9. The 3rd Gen guns....due to the light rail; the finger grooves are irrelevant to me since I'd need to get either a 2nd or 3rd Gen gun's butt reduced anyway so the gun could fit my hands better.
  10. I saw these Deltas on Louder Than Words....my first impression was the same as others here: WOW! They are beautiful!! (Quick srfl...hide the credit card and the Dan Wesson 10mm!)
  11. The Glock 10mm's grips are way too big for me, but I still seem to shoot them reasonably well. When I (finally) get a G20 and G29, they will definitely get their grips reduced by someone.
  12. My 10mm Witness had some problems, but thanks to defective mags. The rear sight also had a habit of flying off in recoil...that was rectified with some Locktite. I traded it for a HK USP .45 ACP. Got rid of the bad mags prior to the trade, so the gun was reliable prior to sending it to its second owner. Still, the siren song of the Witness beckoned which resulted in my purchasing a full-sized Wonderfinished Witness in .38 Super, which has proven to be a reliable and accurate shooter. I need another 10mm Witness now!
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