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  1. Looking for aftermarket Delta Medallion grips, folks. Got one of the Lew Horton bright stainless new version Deltas on layaway, and I think the blue-pearl pony-logo grips on it are a shame. I've found the new Radical rubber medallion grips, old stock Colt 'pebble' grips....would love to put a set of black ebony or micarta grips on it with the Delta medaliions. Haven't seen the medallions by themselves in a while either. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Winchester produced the Black Talon in 10mm (200gr, around subsonic velocities). After the decision to sell the ammo only to law enforcement due to ridiculous hype by the media, AMA, and other handwringing wussies, Winchester produced the same bullet, loaded in a plain brass case (BT used nickel brass), under their Ranger LEO brand. Winchester is the manufacturer; Ranger is a brand; SXT and Black Talon are products. There are several varieties of ammo, including 'vanilla' JHPs and FMJs sold under the Ranger brand. Winchester stopped making the Ranger 200gr SXT (Supreme eXpansion Talon) several years back; I still have 10mm SXT and BT and they chronograph very closely. The only time I've carried either is when I had a really gorgeous custom Delta as a barbeque gun and didn't want to batter it in the least. Modern .40SW (and modern 10mm) loads surpass the performance of the BT/SXT round. I did really like the BT 180gr .357 and 250gr .44 though.....nice heavy thumpers.
  3. I still have a box of the CCI Blazer (Speer) 180gr PHP in 10mm. PHP (plated hollow point) is what they now call Gold Dot. The only 200gr I've ever seen from Speer/CCI is their 200gr FMJ. Speer has a 200gr Gold Dot load catalogued in .40SW; last time I talked to my rep there were no samples or prouduction ammo (same for ATK's .38 Special HST). If Speer offers the 200gr GDHP as a reloading component, I'm reasonably certain it will underperform at hot 10mm velocities (the 200gr .40SW catalog load is most definitely on the slow side of subsonic). As I've said before, ammo makers need to turn out some purpose-built 10mm pills in the 180-200gr range that are optimized to function at 1200fps or above. I've toyed with having Hawk or someone else make me some bullets, but since I only reload plinking ammo and no longer carry a 10mm on duty, that'd be a lotta money just for funsies.
  4. I used to shoot a lot of ProLoad stuff....I was bummed when they stopped making ammo. I used their 180gr 10mm load on duty, and used a lot of their 9mm, .357M and .44M for off-duty, hunting, etc. ProLoad had the most consistent ammo I have ever chronied....I have a small stash of their 9mm 124gr JSP that still I use for accuracy testing in target 9mm pistols. The only bad thing I could say is that the muzzle flash on some of their social loads was BRIGHT.
  5. I should've been more specific....according to the Nosler handouts I have (several years old, mind you), 1900fps is outside their recommended velocity window for ideal on-target performance. I've only used the 150gr pill in my handloads a few times, but I don't doubt they'd stay together in flight at even higher velocities. Nosler makes some tough, fine projectiles, but since no one thus far has made a factory load with a 'standard' (lead/copper) JHP at your velocities, it's not surprising that the factories design or recommend their bullets for use in a velocity/expansion window well below what the 10mm is *really* capable of. As far as Nosler goes, I wish they'd offer their .40cal Partition bullet as a reloading component. It is 'fails' on target ("failure" is what is best/desired in some applications), then the enclosed base of the bullet still helps to assure barrier penetration (hence the FBI's selection of the same projectile in their AR15 ammo). I ran 115gr 9mm GDHPs at 1801fps (9x25 Dillon) at an ATK gel lab. Their rep was surprised to see the bullet hold together, penetrate deeply and retain weight despite their spec-window being several hundred fps below the recorded velocity. Another example of a 'slow' bullet excelling in a 'fast' load, despite factory "specs". Panzer, I'm certain Elite has put a lot of effort into your loads (hence the superlative performance)....however I'm also certain that the manufacturers need to 'catch up' to DT, Elite, and other envelope-pushers by putting out some 10mm bullets that are really designed to (instead of just 'happening to') perform well at the much higher velocities we've come to enjoy. This is esp. true since many manufacturers market/load identical bullets in .40SW and 10mm. With said bullets, I'm betting that the 10mm can do even more than we currently see.
  6. With regard to Elite's offerings, I am interested. I would have to get an aftermarket tube for my G20 but that velocity is nice. Both of my standard G20 barrels are 'loose' and show the half-moon bulge even with my custom DT 180gr GDHP @ 1200fps. If I may ask, what kind of brass do you use? I'd really like to see a lighter but STRONGER bullet used in the 10. I'm certain that 1900fps or even 1600fps is well outside the design envelope of the Nosler 150gr pill. Since anything beyond 16" of penetration in lab gel is not much use (even to a deeper-is-better sort like me)in social use, I would absolutely love to see a 10mm pill that is DESIGNED to operate at very high velocities, rather than a .40SW bullet at 10mm speeds, or a 10mm bullet designed for standard/Norma/original (1200-1300fps) 10mm velocities. Something that threw heavy frags in a relatively narrow spread....like the old Triton Quik-Shok, except in a 200gr version? I like to see a minimum of 10-12" in gel even for HD loads, so a heavy slug that broke into heavy (50gr+) frags would be interesting and novel. I recall that when AmmoLab was up and running, they tested some of McNett's 135gr JHP. The motion/tempcav of the gel was noted to be extremely violent and a step above most other 10mm loads tested.
  7. 'Energy' does not wound. Bullets either cut or crush tissue. Bullets at high velocities (2000fps+, ie NOT most handgun rounds), esp. fragmenting rifle bullets that penetrate adequately, can compound the wounding effect by cutting/crushing elastic tissues already stretched by temporary cavitation. As far as I'm concerned, a handgun is a remote-control drill and nothing more. It pokes holes, out of which leak blood. Sometimes a hole in the right place will destroy a critical CNS component or motor structure (brain/spine/heart/bone), which may efficiently incapacitate a person more quickly than blood leaking out. I like multiple holes in the right areas. Whether they are caused by blades, bullets, or bricks, or whatever, I could care less if the job is done quickly and efficiently. As long as the tool meets my mission requirements, bigger holes aree helpful. Bullets are not magical. I assume your co-worker has mastered mindset, tactics, and their individual equipment prior to deciding at what point this conveniently nebulous 'energy' thing works or doesn't work?
  8. Wilson Combat is, as aforementioned, a good bet. Even their 47D .45acp mags worked well in some of the 10mm 1911-pattern guns I had (either stock Colt or customs with a Colt frame/base). Chip McCormick and Tripp mags (strangely!) did not work 100% in all my 10s. For the last 2 yrs I carried a Delta on duty, I used stainess 8rd bumper-padded mags from MetalForm. If memory serves, MetalForm made the 10mm mags for Colt, and you can order their mags menu-style with different capacity/finish/follower etc. Factory Colt Delta 10mm mags always worked for me too. I did have one follower crap out, but that was a very well-used mag during a long drop-heavy course.
  9. Looking for decent factory 10mm frangible target stuff (a la Federal Ballisticlean, Rem Disentegator, etc.). So far no luck. Federal has listed a 135gr frangible 10mm load in recent LE catalogs, but my rep has said it hasn't been produced in a long time. I dislike handloading for the most part, and would like to find 100-500rds of good factory frangible for ringing the steel in my back yard. Any ideas? I know there's .40cal frangible bullets from several manufacturers.
  10. If I had an 'extra extra' 500rds or so laying around (and wasn't overworked/lazy), I'd love to pull the bullets, handload them into nickel brass, get 'em cranked up to about 1300fps from my 6" 20, and go shoot some cars.
  11. I recently got confirmation from DocGKR that the XM1003A load is/was: 1. BONDED projectile; I assume the same process as current Federal Tactical Bonded bullets. 2. Optimized for the MP5 length barrel. It is outperformed (FBI protocols) by the most recent .40SW bonded rounds, but still does better than the non-bonded stuff. It has a VERY low muzzle flash, which is why I often have it in a bedside pistol and carried on duty when I allowed a 10mm. Soft shooter, accurate, just not a 50yd blasting/hunting round for the fast/hot crowd. I think I still have about 75% of a case left.
  12. 1. Glasers are light enough that you may experience function problems in some semi-autos. This will be esp. true if you have certain 10mm autos set up for heavy/hot loads. 2. In my experience, Glasers are inaccurate. In every caliber I've tried them in (.44sp, 9mm, 10mm, 45acp), they have marginal accuracy, at least twice the group size at 7yds of any other duty or practice load I've used. It's up to you if doubling your group size is worth it. 3. If they strike an intervening barrier (hard or soft), you can pretty much forget about reliable incapacitation. If your bullet had to pass through the attacker's arm, or several inches of beer-gut, to get to the vitals, you're in trouble. If a Glaser hits a windshield, count yourself lucky if the attacker gets hit with a couple of teency lead shot. 4. The Glaser is a specialty rounds for very limited scenarios. It's chief advantage is low ricochet, not amazing terminal performance. If you decide on a Glaser round, choose the Silver (slightly larger pellets and slightly deeper penetration). They make an ugly but very shallow wound overall. I feel they are best at 'taming' very powerful, deep penetrating hunting rounds, like the .44 Mag or .30-06 for a limited-penetration scenario. There are much better choices for CCW, home defense, or LE use in most calibers.
  13. For sale, local DFWTX FTF only Colt stainless Delta Elite custom Gun has approx. 1500rds fired after build and runs like a top. stainless FLGR, beavertail, Brown 40lps straight backstrap + magwell, Millett fixed orange/white outline sights, jeweled trigger/hammer/barrel hood, Wolff 2lb spring kit, 3 Metalform bumperpad mags, other mods as well. Holsters, other mags, SureFire 1911 Classic light, grips, ammo, etc. available to buyer. Carried for about a year as a patrol duty gun (issued a Glock now) .Truck just died so she has to go! $900 details and pics on gt or email mewinterrowd@yahoo.com
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