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  1. Well the Bushmaster folks have me pleased. One click left and it was right on the money and the rear sight is pretty well centered. Now I just need to find the best way to zero it for me. Anyone know the pros and cons of the different ways to sight these babies? I used the std BM 25 meter sighting per instructions.
  2. They are sending it back today! They said they reindexed the upper and test fired to confirm proper indexing. I can't wait to get it back! My inital impression is that Bushmaster CS is top notch- very responsive and helpful.
  3. Well I called BM to check with them and they actually suggested to send it back for a looking over. They said it might just need to be reindexed. I guess the barrel is secured to the upper body with a large "nut" of some kind and be off a bit. I'm glad they are going to check it out.
  4. I'm gonna do that soon- good idea. I have a couple folks that might be able to double check my sighting. I'm pretty sure it's the gun though... I'm reasonably confident. ;)
  5. Thanks Nwatson99. Just American Eagle ( I thought that was Federal) and Winchester so far. Gun only has a couple hundred rounds through it so far. Is PMC better?
  6. First post guys- nice site. I've already done some searching and reading on this forum. I have a couple questions if I could. I've been using American Eagle and Winchester 55 gr bullets. 1) I realize there are many ways to sight an AR but I've used the battlesight zero method in the manual. It was initially shooting quite high and right but with a dozen or so clicks for windage and a dozen or so notches CCW for the front sight I get consistent groups in the black bullseye (using the BM targets). Is this much adjustment abnormal? I read the post by Pitbull who appeared to have similar problems although maybe more extreme (my rear aperture is noticably to the left but not too close to the sight frame). 2) When I dial the elevation knob back down to 6/3 (it's 2 clicks up for zeroing) I'd expect to get good groups at 50 yards but my group seemed to be a couple inches high. Is this about where it should be? 3) In general- with stock sights- what kind of accuracy should an average shooter get at 50 yards from the bench? I know I'm using the correct sight picture but it's new to me (I'm used to Sigs and Glocks). 4) With all the methods to zero the sights- what are the pros and cons of each method? I'm likely to be shooting from 25 yards to 100 only (for now anyway). Thanks a ton!! I appreciate the help in advance!
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