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  1. Once again thanks for the input...I'm going to try loading a few this weekend and see what happens. I'll keep you updated.
  2. Thanks for the advise gang.....just getting into reloading for the 10mm and still unsure exactly which direction I want to go. I picked up some 170gr RNF Precision Bullets and some #9 powder..hoping to find a good recipe for that combination. Interested in a load that's pretty stout but not super hot. Any suggestions? Thanks for you input so far!! Frank
  3. Looking for a little wisdom from the all knowing, all seeing, gang here on the forum. I have run across some .40cal 200gr plated Xtreme bullets...the person I got them from shot a few in competition and did not like them at all due to inaccuracy so he made me a deal on them I couldnt pass up. I looked up a few recipes for this bullet using W231 powder and loaded a few. 4.8/5/ 5.2 gr W231 with the 200grn plated bullet. These rounds are flying ALL over the paper, some cutting nice fine holes,some going through what appears sideways. Am shooting these through a COLT Delta Elite. A buddy has a GLOCK 29 and we've tried them there. SAME results.I've decided to stay away from the bullets and odered some precision bullet 180gr rfn. with some aa9 powder. My question after all the rambling..........anyone have an accurate load for 180grn lead with AA9 ? Thanks for looking and ANY help/ Frank
  4. The Sheriffs Office I work for here in the Tx Panhandle does not issue the 10mm but we are allowed to carry them on or off duty. There are only 2 of us carrying 10's at this time. We both carry Colt Delta Elites. Most everyone else carries the 40cal Glocks....
  5. I appreciate the input gang.......It's just kind of a pain in the rear not to be able to run to the store and get it when ya want it. When I had my other G20, the local Academy store had Blazer ammunition almost anytime you walked in for a great price of $12.76.....I called them the other day and they said they don't stock by supply and demand.....the ammo is pre-bought by the company and they get their alotment at different times throughout the year....doesn't matter how much they sell..... GEEZE~~~~!!!!!!!!!! :why:
  6. I'm in the Texas panhandle and it's getting too hard to find ammunition. Anyone else having local problems with this? I am not able to order bulk at the time and hate ordering if I can't get it local. Thinking of doing something really bad and getting rid of the G20 :( http://glocktalk.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=533866
  7. Where in Oklahoma are you located and what would sell price be? Thanks Frank
  8. Just curious what sale price would be?? Thanks Frank
  9. **** SOLD ****LNIB G20 less than 1000 rnds through it. Bought in Novemeber 04, has an extended slide lock and sherer 3.5# connector. 5 - 15rnd magazines. Holster is a Safariland Raptor level 2 in great shape along with Fobus belt holster... Asking $525 + shipping and insurance to your FFL. Thanks for looking **** SOLD **** Frank :bye1:
  10. WTS Browning Hi-Power MKIII 9mm,TX Browning Hi-Power MKIII 9mm Like new in box!!! Has had 150 rnds through it , single action high polish blue 4 3/4" barrel. Fixed sights, composite grips 2 magazines, box, paperwork. $525 shipped to your FFL. Must have signed copy of FFL to ship. Can email Photos on request. :cowboy:
  11. For sale... S&W 745 IPSC 10th Anniversary Limited Edtion.. 45ACP this pistol is packed with extras. Bomar adjustable sights, adjustable trigger, Pachmyer grips, BLUE slide and STAINLESS reciever. Comes with 2 S&W magazines. Does NOT have box or papers. Shows slight wear in bluing on slide toward the muzzle, otherwise in excellent condition. The action and slide is "butter smooth". $475 Buyer pays shipping and insurance to FFL, must have signed FFL. :cowboy:
  12. Thanks for the help gentleman........I'll pass on the info to my parneter. Hats off to ya gang. :urock:
  13. I have a Deputy at our department looking for magazines for his Delta 10 and was wondering if there might be agood source for these that don't cost an arm and leg...........he was wondering also if the Kimber 10mm mag would fit it?????/ I told him that was a darn fine question and said I would get with the experts here to try and find info for him..... Thanks in advance gang Frank
  14. Just to let everyone know..... Dallas Tactical Supply has a stock of 15rnd G20 mags avail. I ordered 2 yesterday and got the tracking # today in email saying they will be here friday!!! http://www.dallastacticalsupplies.com/ YIPPEE!!!!!! :nanner:
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