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  1. Link to a wayback. http://ar15armory.com/forums/topic/44363-d-max-10mm-pistol/?hl=+d#8208max=
  2. I had this problem with a Smith I purchased. The problem was the mags were very dirty and the followers were not traveling all the way up. I disassembled and cleaned the mags and everything worked fine.
  3. http://stevespages.com/pdf/s&w_centerfire_pistol_decocker.pdf Stevespages has almost everything. Private site so everything is scanned. PS welcome to the group
  4. The best place to sell one would be the auction sites like gunbroker. There are very few transactions as there are so few guns. I have seen one go for like $600 on a forum perhaps 12 years ago (was gone in less than an hour). I have also seen them sell for well over $3000 in NIB condition with all the origional trappings on Gunbroker.
  5. Keep an eye on this. So far in your price range. Looks like it's a no dash. http://www.gunrunnerauctions.com/listings/details/index.cfm?itemnum=1044586908
  6. Back again, found an old thread. The linkless was a copy of a Springfield licenced Stahl design. Stahl stopped production as Springfield did not have a licence for the linkless according to the story. There are differences between the Omega and Linkless. I do not know if the link is interchangeable. The other thread I remembered is very recent and references buying omega links. Just scroll down a couple spots. old thread http://www.ar15armory.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=64225
  7. I like the linkless platform but is does have some issues. The biggest is that parts are very hard to come by as it is a design by Stahl (sp?) in Germany made under licence by Springfield. Some of the guns had problems with the link breaking under heavy load. There was a thread around on buying a bunch of them for spares but I don't know where I saw it. Used to be you could get parts from Germany. I don't know if that is still true.
  8. Congrats on a nice find. I see the 5" for sale less than the 7" on the javalina. There was a short barrel version also. They are basicly 1911 copies. The AMT automag series was made in the automag II, III, IV and V. They were larger framed guns and were avialable in 22 wmr (II), 30 carbine and 9mm magnum (III), 45 win mag and 10mm magnum (IV), and 50AE in the automag V.
  9. There were 6 Smith 10mm varients made. (of the semi-autos) Listed from highest qty. mfg. to lowest. 1006 1076 1066 1026 1086 1046 very rare only 151 made. There is a full list of quantities published here somewhere but I could not find it. I think it origionaly came from the Bren Ten site. The 1006 is probably the best shooter. They are also the easiest to find as they were the most produced.
  10. Are you looking for the 5" or the 6.5"? The 5" is a lot tougher. Once and a while the 6.5's go for a semi reasonable price.
  11. Looks to me like a -3 with a 4" barrel. With the fluted cylinder that would make it one of the last batch that was released a couple of years ago.
  12. The 5" 610 is one of the original releases from Smith. I have never seen one in bright stainless. It is possible it is a factory finish which would make it extremely rare but it may also be a polish job by a prior owner. I would not pay a premium without seeing a box end label indicating it is a factory finish or a factory letter stating same. As Zepher has stated the 10mm magnum is a conversion to a 10mm revolver. This gun appears to be a standard 10mm.
  13. When the 610 is out of production demand drives the price up. During the last production run (2009-2010?) the prices were in line with other N frame revolvers. A member here has a GP-100 converted to 10mm. The various limited production smith 40 S&w Revolvers can be converted by simply reaming the cyl deeper. Those revolvers are in and of themselves expensive however. Once and a while a good deal comes along on the Buckeye Ruger 38-40/10mm revolver. It is a single action blackhawk which was only made for a limited run many years ago. I think that is it for revolver options unless you want someone like Reeder to make you a custom, which will far exceed the cost of a 610. Keep looking around, once and a while a bargen comes along.
  14. Even though I answered the question already I will restate here the delta. If it turns out to be a factory polish finish would love to see pictures.
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