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  1. sticky307

    Another school shooting...

    Don't know just going by the interview the head of PA state police saying it was a felony;shame to the guy who owns the gun shop seems like a pretty up right guy in fact was just building a new building
  2. sticky307

    Another school shooting...

    I do have a question for the LEOs or someone in the know.They stated today that the local Gun shop that I've used many times sold him a stun gun which is a Felony? Now I would have thought if you can pass the back ground check you could own or purchase one.Any insight?
  3. sticky307

    Another school shooting...

    YEAH THIS IS ABOUT 4-5 MILES FROM MY HOUSE pretty tight and small community around there
  4. sticky307

    Happy Birthday ...

    thanks sucks getting older though
  5. sticky307


    Don't get any ideas on stealing his bike Andy
  6. sticky307


  7. sticky307

    Posers not welcome.

    Damn ain't that old
  8. sticky307

    Prior military check in

    Wow just found this thread basic NOV 78 12b COMBAT ENGINEER Cco 65th ENGINEERS Cco 307th engr. 82ND Abn DIV. 83-86 SCHOOLS incl. AirASSUALT,BAC,AAS Operation Urgent Fury-Grenada
  9. sticky307

    Posers not welcome.

    I'm glad you guys don't put up with or have any tolerance for posers here it seems they're coming out of the wood work nowadys if fact busted one at home depot claiming Grenada vet with 4 purple hearts awfull strange I was there and didn't see any pukin buzzards floating around!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. sticky307

    What I've Learned as a RANGER

    Alittle late but good post and read
  11. sticky307

    .40 caliber Ho-Down

    What none of the Kahrs? I OWN A kAHR k-40 has been a nice shooter never any problems
  12. sticky307

    Life of an Engineer Video

    Good video from 1 Engineer to another Hooah!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. sticky307

    Add yourself to the AR15Armory map!

    I'm in