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  1. I know it's been a long while since I've posted; I look on here occasionally, and tonight it seems like the forum has gone dry....... That being said, in order to finance a new project, I am offering for sale, here first, a 1006 & a 1086. The 1006 is is in good/very good condition, and will come with 2 mags: $800 SHIPPED. The 1086 is in superb condition-it has received Robar's NP3 treatment, will also come with 2 mags: $1200 SHIPPED. I make no promises for their boxes because I don't recall whether I have either, but if I do, of course, they'll be included. Sam
  2. I had one that I bought for hunting. Reliable, but I could never get .....accuracy out of mine; my CCO shot rings around it. I hope yours is all that you hope for. Sam
  3. Do you really think they'd have put that out if it's going nowhere fast ?? As one whose pistol was bought by Eric Kincel at the very start of this project, I will continue to maintain a glimmer of hope. Thanks for the update Shadow. Sam
  4. A tip o' the hat to Mad Moe! Sold me some mags and was patient with me when I had to delay payment due to travels. Much appreciated. Sam
  5. My LGS has a Thompson-Auto Ordnance Commander pistol in .40 S&W in the case. It is a forged steel frame, has been checked out & shot by their gunsmiths and they are asking $499. It is not mine. My thought was that someone might be interested in reaming it out to 10mm. If anyone wants the contact information, PM me. Sam
  6. Well, it's been a long time since I posted, but I have lurked & viewed while I've been semi-absent. At the gunshow in Boise, Idaho today, I saw no less than 6, 10mm's for sale, including a NIB 1006. It was reported to be one of many of the guy's father's safe queens, who had passed away. It was, as clearly as I could determine, just what the title describes: a NIB 1006. He had several other guns there too, and most of them appeared to be NIB as well. He was asking $750 for the 1006. If anyone is interested, I have his name & phone number; pm me. I have absolutely nothing else to do with this 1006, other than passing the info on, to everyone here. Sam
  7. Me neither, but those grips are uber-cool!! Sam
  8. It's been a llooooooonnnnngggg time since I've posted, although I've visited the site several times. I have a CCO (I think you can search my previous posts about it). It was built locally, all-steel frame (Fusion, if I recall correctly, just after Bob got going on his own) and a Caspian slide (again, IIRC), flgr although Bob recommended a standard one (not quite sure why my gs went with the full length, but it runs great). Fantastically accurate, reliable, the best trigger on any of my guns, standard barrel; Winchester Silvertips are my preferred load as they are the most accurate through it, but I have shot just about everything through it, including 215 & 220 gr. DT's. If I could change anything, it would probably be to have an alloy frame and carry it a lot, but practice with lighter loads-my gs & I decided not to be the guinea pigs with an alloy-framed 10mm, but today, I would be willing. My question to the OP is if nuclear loads are what you want to shoot, why not just have Bob build it with a ramped barrel? Sam
  9. The 1st S&W auto I bought was a Sigma, and I bought a Milt Sparks Versa-Max II for it. What I have found over the years is that this holster for my Sigma, will carry my 1006, 1086, 3913, 3593, or 4553, ALL of them, just fine. The overall configuration of any of these pistols is similar enough that this one holster will work for many different pistols. Sam
  10. Probably the nicest 10mm I've ever had was a Les Baer. Why the man has such a distaste for it now beyond reason remains a mystery. However, I thought that 10mm was a regular listing for Ed Brown. Zephyr, why do you state that he too, doesn't like 10's? Sam
  11. I saw the episode; I'm all but certain it was this pistol: http://www.ar15armory.com/forums/10mm-Spri...mp;hl=SHOOT1SAM Sam
  12. Gmountain, I've been all over their website & I'm not finding it. Can you post a link please? Sam
  13. Interesting, I'd heard he was going to be cremated and scattered in sandboxes for the same reason. BTW, the official cause of death was food poisoning; he had eaten some 10 year old nuts. nutkick Sam
  14. Prayers sent from here, as well as gratitude for his service. Sam
  15. I fly one every day (& night). So does my shootin' pard. Sam
  16. One word of caution on the Lyman DPS 1200: keep your cell phone away from it; mine will go crazy if I have the phone on my hip while using it. EXTREMELY inconsistent loads, getting very frustrated, got a call, moved away, set the phone down, came back, re-zeroed (like the 15th time!), phone's over there, no more problems. Sam
  17. Made it to the range today. It's been so long that it took me a minute or two of intense studying to remember which end of the gun that bullet thingy comes out of!! I've kind of noticed this before, but never more so than today. It seems that I really feel the back-and-forth movement of the slide, on EVERY single shot of my Witness Elite Match. It's still wonderfully accurate, but I shot a .380, two 9mm's, a .40, my CCO & my Javelina as well (didn't get to the other two 10's or the .45 I had with me), and the slide movement was not detectable. Has anyone else experienced this? My thought is that the recoil spring is just a tad weak-it has enough to function properly, but not enough to make the slide move so fast that one wouldn't notice it. Sam
  18. Well, I'll go somewhat against the grain: I like the Snakeskin Duracoating, but to me, the grips clash with it and detract from it. Overall, to me, it's pretty cool but it needs grips that compliment it. Sam
  19. I have a 1086 that was Np3'd when I bought it. Here's a pic of my custom-built CCO; Np3 on the frame & all internals, Roguard on the slide & beavertail. If I was doing it again, I'd have the trigger done in Roguard too, for increased contrast. http://i214.photobucket.com/albums/cc159/S...M/CCOPix007.jpg Sam
  20. A man & his wife were having a nice dinner in a quiet, expensive restaraunt when the wife noticed a friend of the family having a cozy dinner with a very sexy, young blonde woman. She asked her husband, "Who is that with Fred?", to which the husband replied "That's Sandra, his mistress, and no, I don't think Edna knows" The wife was quite shocked. Halfway through their dinner, a stunning, drop-dead gorgeous redhead walks by their table, smiles sweetly and says "Hello, Jim" as she lightly rakes her nails across his shoulders and continues on to her table. "Who was that?" the wife asks frostily, to which the husband replies "I'm not going to lie to you; that is Nancy, my mistress." The wife immediately demands a divorce. The husband tells her "Okay, but think about this first: The maid & the cook. The house here, in Vale, and in Tampa. The Jaguar, the Mercedes, the Cadillac, the Lexus. The Winter trips to the Carribean, the Summer trips to Paris, the Fall shopping trips to New York & Beverly Hills. The jewlery. Are you really sure you want all that to come to an end?" The wife thinks about this as they finish thier dinner & work on dessert; she keeps looking over at Nancy & Sandra. Finally, she declares "Well, OUR mistress is much prettier than Fred & Edna's mistress."
  21. Actually, that LaserAim on Gunbroker is ALWAYS on Gunbroker. I'll bet it's been listed on there for at least 2 years, probably longer, always at a starting bid of $549.99. Sam
  22. Is the 20SF a single stack magazine, or a thinner (front-to-back) grip frame with a double stack mag? Sam
  23. I never served. I was turned down by both the Army & the Air Force. In all honesty and with no disrespect, the Navy & Coast Guard never interested me. I didn't even attempt the Marines; a man must know his limitations. I do have family & friends who have served, and I have the utmost respect for all of our brave men & women in the US Military and I pray for them every day. Sam
  24. None other than Mr. Bob Serva of Fusion Firearms (formerly of course, of Dan Wesson) says they are NOT necessary. Sam
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