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  1. Witness Hunter 10mm with 3 mags, case, and factory paraphernalia, blued, 150 rds through it. This is an amazing piece of workmanship, but is impractical for me. Long slide with full 6" barrel Blued finish with wood grips Single action only LPA adjustable sights OEM case and manual Trades or trades plus cash are welcome. Looking for $900.00, but I can negotiate http:// [/url ">http://]
  2. I had to tinker with my recoil springs for a while. I was having some hang ups. I don't remember the poundage I originally had in there. I bought a Wolff calibration pack, and settled on a 23lb spring. Now I don't have any problems. It's been a while since I had to do that. If I remember anything else I did I'll post it for you.
  3. I've had/have both, and it's subjective. IMO, if the recoil in a glock does not bother you then the recoil in a 1911 will not bother you.
  4. Received as advertised. Thank you
  5. Thank you for the replies. I think I'll try something creative to catch my brass as I shoot.
  6. The more I play with my Witness Elite the more I like it. One thing I would like to change if possible is the distance that the brass is being ejected. It's like having a small artillery battery and I lose brass. I try to shoot next to a wall, but the brass hits it so hard it bounces off into the next county. Is there anything I can do or a gunsmith can do? Ideally, the adjustment would work for any loads I use, tame to nuclear.
  7. Looking for confirmation or other advice on my range loads. I loaded a few 200 gr Nosler hollowpoints to the max loading in the 2nd edition lee load book using AA9. During my loading and firing while working up to the max load I had a consistent feeding problem. The front of the round would hang on the hood of the barrel. First rd will feed fine, but subsequent rds. consistently get hung. I was loading them to 1.260 according to my case length gauge. Commercial 200gr 10mm rds feed fine, but their COL was 1.244 to 1.248. So I reloaded a few a little lighter, went to 1.250 col and had fewer hang ups. I think I'll go to 1.244 and try again. Any other advice?
  8. Thank you. I did put the barrel in, and the rounds get hung up on the lip of the barrel..where the ramp would be. My razorback has a ramped barrel.
  9. I was given a non-ramped .40 5in 1911 barrel from CZ as part of a trade deal. I would like to use it in my Razorback, but it is a non-ramped barrel. Is there any way to make it work or do I need to buy a ramped barrel in .40?
  10. Sold off my .357 sig autos, and have 4 50 rd boxes of 125 gr fmj I don't need. How about $20/box shipped.
  11. Delta Elite with box, manual, 3 magazines, and Desantis Speed Scabbard $800.00. The Delta is stock, but I changed the springs a couple of weeks ago. I also had the pistol and mags refinished in a black Diamondkote. This was my carry pistol during hunting trips. It always stayed in the holster. This a link to the gunsmith who did the work http://www.mrarms.com/ The pistol was a blued model, and I've put between 800 to 1100 rd through it. I need to get pics uploaded once I get my camera from work. I'm open to alternative offers if my pricing is out of line. I think I bought this in 2007 or 2008. I have the box, and took a picture of the end of it so that may tell someone about that information. I can't figure out how to post pics so I'll have to email them to anyone who is interested.
  12. I've decided that I'm not too attached to these pieces, and I'd like to move them on to someone who is interested. Coonan is back in business, and I'm going to get one of their 1911's. It was something my stepfather and I talked about doing prior to his passing a few years ago. Sooo, if anyone is interested I am willing to make a deal that both parties can be happy about. Browning Hi Power Practical 9mm 1 10 rd browning mag, 1 13 rd mecgar mag, no box 300 rds fired by me, was bought used. $600 S&W 1066 4 mags, new wolff springs in the bags, just to have them, nice DeSantis IWB holster worn twice 700 Or trade for/towards a Coonan .357 mag
  13. I recently bought some plated bullets which I think will do well for my reloading. Their advice is to use the speer manual reloading data, and not go over 1500fps. Well....that opens a lot of doors. If I remember correctly the speer manual doesn't come close to that number for any .357 or 10mm loads. Should I adhere to the speer manual or just not exceeding 1500fps. In any of my reloadings I don't come close to that number anyway. thanks
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