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  1. Bump, still looking. Sorry, if anyone tried to send me anything. I had changed my email address without updating it here.
  2. I am really more after the numbered Razorback's, but might be interested. I doubt my funds are such at the moment to buy both. If you want to P.M. me info, price, pics, etc I'd take a look at it. Where in MO are you from? I have a lot of family in S.W. corner.
  3. The early Witness line required a 'fluff and buff' where you polish the feed ramp and slide rails, but that hasn't been an issue in many aeons. If you are shooting full Norma-spec loads, then I'd change the springs as mentioned above. I haven't ever owned any of their 'premier' 10mm's, but after I did the fluff and buff, mine ran flawless.
  4. Jack, that price was from his post - ~8 years ago... Yeah, if you find a good original one for that now, I'd suggest getting it.
  5. Honestly, I have lost track... I am sure I'll miss some but from memory: All 6 S&W 10xx models (1006, 1026, 1046, 1066, 1076, & 1076 - pictured in my avatar) Dan Wesson Razorback's - 1 of 150 series: #70, #105 and # 106, #111, #118, #128 (just bought 134), and also #203 just outside of that series... I always looking for more of these, especially if they are in near mint condition. I am looking for just the black panel, "Red eye" DW grips also. Dan Wesson Patriot - highly polished with custom grips AMT Backup .40 converted to 10mm Springfield Omega Match (3) Springfield Linkless Glock 29, 20, and 40 MOS Colt Delta Elite (one regular and one bright stainless), Double Eagle, Gold Cup, Gold Cup National Match Star Megastar - Blued and Starvel (2) I would still like to get another Colt National Match Gold Cup some time, preferably in a bright stainless polished finish. Also want to get a Bren Ten SFD (special Forces Dark) which is a black gun, and the SFL is the lighter colored gun. I would like either of those, and also an MP. I do NOT like the two-tone guns of any make including Bren.
  6. Retcop: They are largely just my personal favorites of the 10mm's and that is even comparing it to my S&W collection of all 6 models (my avatar). The first 150 were effectively hand fitted by Bob Serva (who later founded https://www.fusionfirearms.com/ ) and crew and were mostly forged parts and match barrels. They did let the customer choose from a few different customization options like FCS, trigger, sights, hammer, checkering, and the 1 of 150 numbering and a Razorback is stamped on the slide, as well as any magazines purchased at the time. Mostly, it was to see if there was enough demand to warrant going into regular production. They are priced at a slight premium over the later ones, especially once CZ bought them. I don't know of any real issues with the CZ ones. They are still in production and the overall design really hasn't changed. What drew me to the original 150 is most of them have the grips that are black with the "red eye" DW logo and to me the contrast of the red, black, and stainless is just beautiful. I would be interested in just buying those factory grips if anyone wants to change theirs out. I now have 7 of the original 150 including a consecutive serial numbered pair and also #203. Some are almost so tight they barely function until you get a hundred or two rounds down the pipe. You can't tell me they aren't sexy. :-) The brown one at the 8 o'clock position has the regular brown grips with the goldish colored DW logo is #203. The one at the 7 o'clock position is actually a custom polished PMA-10. For some reason in this picture the black on the grips look subdued and the red DW in the middle doesn't "pop" like they do in person. Logo'd and numbered magazine:
  7. I hardly come here anymore either, it is a shame as when 10mmtalk.com was a stand-alone site it had great 10mm traffic. I guess a few people do however as I did recently buy a Razorback through here. I would be interested in the magazine(s). I will say my finances are a bit thin at the moment, but could come up with something. Let me know. (might be best to send me a PM).
  8. Email sent Kangal, thanks for letting him know to PM me Joel74. I appreciate it.
  9. Doesn't it say right on the frame on the first-run? I know the Delta Elite did.
  10. Awww, thanks guys! I appreciate it. I get to celebrate my birthday outdoors. It doesn't get any better than that. I am going fishing for the next 2 days straight. Weather is supposed to be great, low wind (uncommon in Oklahoma), and 72 degrees.
  11. I don't see why SIG chose the SAO route. To me, that looks like all the makings of a standard DA/SA trigger. I too would like to see the higher capacity version of it. There is something to the shape and balance of it that makes me think of one of my favorite 10mm's to shoot: the Star Megastar.
  12. For an outdoor "around the house and woods" long slide, I would look into the Glock G40 10mm long slide. I recently added one to my large stable of 10mm thoroughbreds and although not as pretty as its stablemates, its capacity to weight ratio certainly has its merits. You can never go wrong with a 1911 of any type and size. I have a few dozen, including Colt, Dan Wesson (my favorite), Springfield, Kimber, etc. All are in 10mm of course. I don't own any 9mm's, .40's, or even .45's. The 10mm does everything those can do except better. The only exception to that is for a suppressed round, I would go with the .45 since they are usually naturally subsonic to start with and by the time you slow down the 10mm to subsonic, you've lost most of its benefits.. I too have wanted a CCO for years. I have been trying to get one member here to sell me his Dan Wesson CCO 10mm but no luck. I may look into a Fusion as Bob Serva has already said he can make it the way I wanted it to be done.
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