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  1. BINGO! We have a winner! (No more entries, please.) Scott
  2. Yep, his penis coudn't produce a POTUS if he tried! Scott
  3. Happy Birthday, Stu. Scott
  4. gunfan


    Happy Birthday, gmor! Scott
  5. Cannabinoids won't do that. It had to be something high in alkoids or very acidic. Nasty stuff! Scott
  6. Alden: These are your typical "victimhood" whiners. Reporter: "The back of my had is scratched, I have to be 'hospitalized.'" Were you expecting any differently from the Leftist press? Come now, surely you knew this is how this would be spun, didn't you? Scott
  7. CD MIKKINNEY: I LOVE that piece! I have #84 of the first 150 DW Razorbacks, and it shoots like a dream! Scott
  8. I guess that, at in-house ranges, a lighter bullet would be okay. At longer ranges, accuracy could become an issue. Scott
  9. Retcop writes, "Expansion in a handgun bullet is a plus that should never be relied on 100% of the time. The Cor Bon's penetration lenghths were not as good as they need to be, and this is only with the 1/4 inch barrier. Penetration trumps expansion everytime, IMO." This is precisely why I opt for the 10mm Auto. With the 10mm, you can rely on its penetration capabilities. Higher velocity = greater penetration. If you are using a .400" - .401" projectile, make certain that all the barriers between you and the vital organs can be breached. With the wider "power band" provided by the 10mm Auto, you'll be more likely to reach the vital organs of the target. The probability of expansion is enhanced as well. Scott
  10. Z O/Z is right. The 10mm in the 6.5" will outperform the .45 ACP in a heartbeat! The 10mm/40 S&W combination can be a "winning hand" if you load it properly. Scott
  11. gunfan

    The hump

    Hang in there, brother! Scott
  12. Thumper: As far as baseball is concerned, I told the truth, and was simply trying to get along. You don't really need to be a jerk.
  13. The best round for an AK-47 (or any variant therof) would be 123-grain JHP with as light of a jacket as can be found. the velocity of this cartridge will be sufficient for violent expansion, and the shallower this particular load/bullet penetrates, the better. I OWN An MAK-91. Were I to take it into a CQB situation, this is the load I would prefer using. Scott
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