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  1. Dean Speir

    Is it time to give my DE a rest?

    Good advice, Scott… on the oldest DEs. You may note that subsequent editions have a "notch" there. As that frame area was the most vulnerable to cracking, Colt's engineers took the Bibical approach… "if thyne eye offend thee, pluck it out…" and removed that "bridge" entirely. It's a magnetical particle ionization process… a pretty standard test for metallurgical "weakness."
  2. . Wouldn't that actually be "170-grain PC?" If it's the original Norma loading, that's how it should be marked. .
  3. Dean Speir

    Smith and Wesson 10mm's

    . The sole "NMS" were those FBI Models 1076… and I doubt that Smith & Wesson would build such a gun again, even for the FBI. They took a huge hit on that contract, most because of the non-standard trigger release point requirement of the FBI at that time. Good guns, though… sorry I didn't hang on to any of the ones which passed through my hands for T&E. .