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  1. I don’t have all of them still. Some I really regret selling. I will see if I can find all the pics that weren’t lost when photobucket started charging. We need more pics on this thread
  2. Colt Delta Elite Glock 20 Glock 29 EAA Witness Compact S&W 610 (5 of these) S&W 1066 Sig TacOps Dan Wesson Cbob Springfield Range Officer Elie Operator David Clements Custom GP100 Fusion Pro Series 1911 Kimber Camp Guard I probably left a few off
  3. Sorry for the crappy cell phone pic. Got it the other day and it is fantastic. The action job was definitely worth it
  4. I decided to save the wear and tear on the combats and put on a set of VZ Grips. I need to take a better picture show how good they actually look
  5. I just sent off a brand new Ruger GP100 stainless, 3 inch adj. sight .38 Spcl to Dave Clements yesterday to convert to 10mm and have the barrel slabsided! 12 plus months is going to suck but to help me out I bought a 5 inch S&W 610 today! Life doesn't suck!
  6. It is sold pending funds. I am selling it for a friend who is trying to get a CBob 10mm so he can quit drooling on mine.
  7. Glock 29 10mm w/rail, standard sights, 4 mags (2 with Pearce adapter), in box with loader and brush. The gun has been fired less than 50 rounds and is like new. $525 plus shipping to your FFL
  8. Turned out to be a 610 no dash in excellent shape. I just picked up the gun from my dealer and when I got home there was two boxes of Double Tap 200 gr WFN ammo at my door and an envelope from Brownells with my 20 moon clips in the mail box. Life is good!
  9. Any suggestions on a holster for hunting?
  10. It is a 6 inch (6 1/2?) and is on the way. It is a fluted cylinder model with Hogue grips in 98% condition and it is on the way from Kittery Trading Post. I didn't even ask which dash or if it has the lock. I didn't really care since it was under $500 shipped.
  11. I haven't posted in a while but I just picked up a 610 at a rediculous price to go with my Dan Wesson Bobtail. I had one a long time ago but traded it away and have regretted ever since then and have not found an affordable one until now. I can't wait to take it hunting.
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