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  1. Howdy Folks, I've found my next goody and need $325 more to pay for it so here's the deal. My all steel Witness Full size with Wonder Finish, 2 Full Capacity Mags, 2 Clinton Mags, 48rnds of Double Tap 230gr Cast Lead rounds, an extra Wolf #21 recoil spring. You set me up with $325 greenbacks and I'll set you up with a fun shooter. I really don't want to mess with shipping so let's please do a face to face deal around San Antonio, Texas. Thanks for looking, Doc PS. No this gun isn't trashed or stolen. I just know what I want. recondoc@gvtc.com
  2. I've got a 3rd Gen Glock 20 that has been carried but I don't believe has ever been fired. (If it was, it was very little ie: single digits) It has two high cap mags, Optima 2000 sight (same thing as a Jpoint sight), a new Blackhawk Serpa holster, and a 6" hunting barrel from Lone Wolf. All contact points are polished inside but no springs or any other parts have been changed out. Will also include take off Meprolite rear site dated 07 and still bright. Mepro front still on. These are some hard hitting, hi capacity hand cannons that really show what the 10mm can do. Glock designed his large frame around the 10mm. I would like $750 for all but will entertain offers. I would be interested in swapping for a 3rd Gen G19 + some cash or accessories. I would also be interested in swapping for a 3 or 4 inch barreled S&W in .44 special or perhaps a 4" Ruger Redhawk. As far as rifles go, I'm interested in a CZ 527 Carbine in 7.62 X 39 As always, I'll listen to any offer as long as you are not intentionally trying to burn me. I would prefer to keep dealings within the State of Texas if possible as it saves on the hassle factor. Also, FTF deals will receive the boxes 10mm ammo I have on hand. Thanks, Doc
  3. recondoc

    610-3 for trade in Texas

    Deal Pending Doc
  4. recondoc

    610-3 for trade in Texas

    Hey folks, Being a lover of all things wheelgun, I have this 610-3 that I may trade for the right revolver. What I've got: Smith and Wesson 610-3 that has had a total round count of 182rnds of .40S&W only. Everything factory. Has had internals cleaned and lubed but otherwise factory stock. Three moon clips, factory case and paperwork all included. What I'd like: I'd like another Smith in either .45acp, .45LC or .44Special. Blue or Stainless will work as long as condition is good. I may be open to other offers, even the right semi-auto, but please don't lowball me on this one. I will reply to all PM's, emails, etc.. but it can take me a while sometimes. These are going in the high 700 to 900 range on gunbroker and gunsamerica. Email: rbretz@satx.rr.com
  5. recondoc

    10mm Contender Barrel

    http://cgi.ebay.com/Thompson-Center-Conten...1QQcmdZViewItem THIS IS NOT MY AUCTION My contender was stolen back in 94 and I never got a chance to replace it. I was doing a 10mm search on Ebay and found this. For those who want to work up the ultra-hot loads, the baby should do it. Enjoy, Doc
  6. Had one about this time last year. I ended up selling it because I wanted a 4" or longer tube. Now I just kick myself every now and again for general purposes. It was a sweeeeettt shooter but I kept thinking a longer snout would provide better accuracy at longer range and being a one gun cowboy, I need something for CCW and hunting. Enjoy the search, I found mine in a tiny little town in central TX. Doc
  7. recondoc

    Lew Horton 610 FS in Texas

    SOLD Thanks Bruce Doc
  8. recondoc

    Lew Horton 610 FS in Texas

    BTW: If I'm completely out of my mind on my pricing, someone let me know. I took my best guess from looking at completed auctions on GB. I'll give it 48hrs. here and then list it. Thanks all, Doc
  9. recondoc

    Got my new boomer 10

    I can't shake the feeling that this specimen belongs in someone's collection to preserve a true 10mm work of art. I know how I am. I would break down wanting something new and sell it to some shmo at a gunshow who wouldn't even appreciate it. I'd rather it go to a member here who is a collector. Here's a teaser picture: See my add in the classifieds. I'll run it there for a few days and then move it to GB. Doc
  10. recondoc

    Lew Horton 610 FS in Texas

    I promised you guys that I'd list it here first. I just don't see myself beating this one up. It's too rare as it is 1 of 300 ever made. I will include the 3 factory moon clips and 15 brand new EZ plastics. All original paperwork is still in the boxtop. Wilson Combat mainspring and 12# rebound spring have been installed and internals have been debured. Factory springs and extra rebound springs in #13 and #14 from Wilson are also included and are snuggly tucked away in the box lid as well. Asking **SOLD***. I'll run it here for few days before moving it to GB in order to give the dedicated 10mm fans a shot at it first. I may be open to trade offers. I'll try to reply to all offers. If I don't get back to you, it will be because I missed something, not intentionally. Contact me at rbretz@satx.rr.com Doc
  11. recondoc

    Got my new boomer 10

    I think I'm waffling on this more than John Kerry on his service in Nam. On one hand, this is an excellent, and mighty rare version of the 610, it eats up .40s&W like it's .22lr., with the Wilson Springs installed and a light debur on the interior, the D/A pull is smooth and easy. On the other hand, I almost feel guilty for pulling the trigger on this gun because it is so rare, I could finance a full blown Witness project gun with multi barrels and a .22lr kit for what this one would bring me, I just don't want to screw this up and lose it's value with some kind of range accident. I feel like this one should be in some collector's stable instead of ending up whooped on by serious range sessions.It should be noted that I am on a one gun at a time budget. Keep an eye on the Classifieds here folks. If I decide to let it go, I'll offer it here first before taking it to Gunbroker. Still frustrated, Doc
  12. recondoc

    Got my new boomer 10

    I think you are right on the money (couldn't resist the pun) Scott. I'll probably hold onto her for a while and see what I can get it to do for me with some top end loads. The 10mm loads that I put through it tonight definitely let me know they were not 40 short and weaks. Running fast D/A fire on the plates under artificial light made for a spectacular fireball show. :biggrin: It made the other shooters stand up and take notice so it was worth the wrist shock. I was averaging in the 17 second range with a reload. That's nowhere near the 3.05s that the guy with the STI .40 race gun was getting but I was shooting a 3" wheelgun so I don't feel too bad about it. It was my first time out shooting in over six months. Thanks for the advice Amigo, Doc
  13. recondoc

    Got my new boomer 10

    I, quite literally, had a blast tonight shooting a Bianchi Plates match with it. I fired .40's primarily but ran a few stages with some moderate 10mm using 180grTC at about 1275fps. It was just as it was starting to get dark and I loved watching the fireballs roar. I didn't place but had a great time being the only wheel gunner out there and keeping pace with the middle of the pack. This little guy is fun to shoot but I don't know if I'll keep it. Being on a one gun budget, the 3" bbl doesn't afford me the opportunity to cleanly hunt with it as well as something larger. If I end up parting with it, I'll probably swap for a full sized Witness 10 and some cash. Being able to drop a .40bbl in the Witness for range work and having a bit more bbl lenght for hunting would suit my needs better. This one just has more cool factor though and with it being a rare piece, it sure packs a lot of future value around. If I was a collector, I wouldn't let this one out of my sight. Hmmmmmmm.....?????? Doc
  14. recondoc

    Got my new boomer 10

    Due to the fact that my 625 was well used, I had to give up the rosewood grips as part of the trade. For now, the Hogues I have on it will do but I'll soon be looking for some nice boot grips for carry work. I just finished stoning out the internal burs in the lockwork. It's already a night and day difference in the D/A pull. Once I get the Wilson springs in, it will be smooth as butter. Thanks for the nice comments folks, I hope to get it to the range this evening. Doc
  15. recondoc

    Got my new boomer 10

    I gave up one of the original 625-3 .45acp's in 5" and a brand new Safariland Competition holster. I figured it was a good trade. I'm not sure if I'll keep this one in the longrun or sell it and buy a semi-auto 10. I'll have to go shoot it for a little while to decide. I might get a chance to go to the range tomorrow. Thanks for the kind words guys, I'm definitely a proud papa on this one. Doc