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  1. Fat_46

    My turn!

    Pics as soon as my camera batteries are recharged. Sitting on a conference call, browsing gun sites, I stumble across this: Winchester 94 for $125!!! I literally couldn't call fast enough...and now she's in my safe! It has the typical modern Win 94 freckling on the receiver (these rifles were plated rather than blued, and the plating tends to hold moisture), and a 1" scratch on the butt and recoil plate. Other than that, its pristine. Looking at the finish wear on the moving parts I believe the seller when he tells me it has 9 rounds through it. He said he sighted it in with 8, and shot a deer with #9. I actually felt a little guilty...but I AM a capitalist!
  2. I was reorganizing the reloading room, and looked at all the dies/brass/components I have. My caliber footprint is as follows...what's yours? (all rifles - handguns are another thread) 17 M2 17 HMR 22 short 22 LR 22-250 22-250AI 223 243 270 280 280AI 30-30 30 carbine 308
  3. I full length for semi's if its already been fired in MY guns. If I buy 1x fired I always small base resize for semi on the first outing. Bolt guns get a full length the first time, neck 2-4, and another full length the 5th time...unless its one of my Ackleys, then it gets full length every 4th time. Plastic shoeboxes and a label maker are cheap - its the only way I've figured out ow to keep track of the brass and the number of times I've fired it!
  4. Fat_46

    gun show

    I'll be going - anyone wanna hook up for lunch?
  5. The other thing that kills me is when they answer and say "Tank you fur callingt such-and-such, my name is Syeve, how can I help you?"...I always want (but never have) to say "Hello Steve, my name is Ganesha Makmoud Muhammed Ghandi"
  6. Try being on the OTHER side of this equation...I do high end application support for data management and storage apps...and the number of US companies that have outsourced their IT to India is astounding. A couple of times a week I get a call from India. Half of them have decent English skills, but no technical skills. The other half are competent but can't speak English. The worst was this last Sunday, when the particular Hindustani I was dealing with had both poor English AND a stutter.
  7. Flattened/flowing primers, hard bolt lift, chamber imprints on the brass.
  8. So I'm loading my 22-250AI in preparation for another season of prairie dog shooting. I have a load that is extremely accurate, with zero signs of over pressure. It chronys out at an average of 4109 with an extreme spread of 8 fps (5 shot strings). I have quickload software, but had never put the numbers in for this round...when I did I found just how hot this load is. Its about 8% over max! I realize my barrel life will be crap - most likely somewhere below 1k rounds. So - anyone else have a rifle that likes 'em really hot?
  9. Whenever my daughter is sick, and its my turn to stay home with her, she always wants the same lunch...fried spam, then make a spam-n-grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup She's a damn good kid!
  10. Miller Lite and buffalo wings..
  11. 1.Before going out for for a social engagement you splash a little Hoppe's #9 behind the ears. 2. You take down an armed intruder in your livingroom with a tennis racquet because you can't abide the thought of the Police Department taking your custom 1911 with the weapon light/laser in for a ballistic match. 3. Your non-gun friends never argue with you. 4. Others see the zoo as an educational outing. You see it as a target-rich environment. 5. Your recipe for Thanksgiving turkey starts with "1.) Load the 10 gauge with #4 shot". 6. ?
  12. I always preferred Indian, as in Tech Support, not Casino!!
  13. I'd always heard that Sarge had balls
  14. Thanks guys - I received a cold for my 40th Birthday! SO far, 40 sucks!
  15. I was going to get mine done, but the lady at the piercing parlor didn't have any shower curtain rings!
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