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  1. I ordered one from Peters-Stahl and have had difficulty fitting it. The instructions were not clear so it's a once in a while project. In the meantime SA says shoot away as they are confident the gun will hold up and they will support if it doesn't. At least that is what they told me as I had to send mine in because duo-tone finish prevented firing pin movement. Gun was NIB when I decided to shoot it. :thumb:mc
  2. Let me know if you sort this out. Have 8 3/8s unfired with extras. mc
  3. Geez, I paid $475. about 9 years ago and was happy as hell. Wouldn't sell for near that now. I understand only 1,500 were made and they have the interest of ravid collectors like myself.
  4. 1066 1006 SA Omega long slide Delta Ultrabrite (pimper) Ruger Buckeye 10mm/38-40 conversion Wants: more mc :bye1:
  5. My 6" duo-tone is currently at SA and I was told they have very few parts for them. Months ago I did an extensive search and read where SA offered some conventional uppers as a replacement. A few dissatisfied customers did even better. If it comes back with the Peters-Stahl upper "fixed" I plan to test its durability. mc
  6. I bought one several years ago for $475. and was happy to get it. Saw one later at a live auction go for $350. but had other guns in mind. It's unfortunate I didn't bid as the others went higher then expected. mc.
  7. I feel the price is acceptable and, in fact, just put one on layaway for the same. I need a 1006 to go with my 1066. :yes: Hopefully I won't have to change the fixed sights. mc
  8. I have the new supported guide rod and it is fitted but darned if I can find what holds it or the original in postion ala 1911, glocks and etc., so I can reassemble. Thanks, Mack
  9. I have a 6 inch unfired Omega and noticed during take down that nothing holds the guide rod in place ala other semi auto designs. This makes it difficult to disassemble and reassemble so I must be missing something obvious. Any help appreciated. Thanks, mc BTW, the Omega manual does not reference any difference over the conventional 1911 design that I can find.
  10. New "supported" guide rod is finished. I recommend you place the "buffer" collar on after fitting the "support" and base to the frame. The buffer is not very springy i.e., does not have much memory. I installed it using a hollow rod over the guide rod and pressed it on using a vice. I had to chamfer the the edges to start it. When finished the buffer will move relatively easy. I shortened the base of the rod using fine files, and 400 grit wet/dry paper. Permanent marker helped to identify areas of friction. Have yet to shoot gun. My original difficulty is disassembly came because the gun was improperly assembled before I bought it. mc
  11. I am working on the supported guide rod now. The "buffer" was somewhat difficult to install and the support needs to be reduced. I don't thing the angle piece that locks into the barrel needs to be milled off as the instructions refer the need to do that only for the "38 wc". I may check with Richard on the latter. Am presently making a hot glue mold of the support area so I can reshape it accordingly. It would have been easier to reshape the support if I waited to install the "buffer". Will keep advised via this thread. mc
  12. The supported guide rod along with fitting instructions have arrived. Looks like some minor fitting will be needed on the end. I'm confused over the location of the buffer (polished colar) as my original is fixed but the new one is loose. I directed a few questions to Richard at Peters-Stahl so should have answers soon. Time wise it took less than 2 weeks and Richard has been quite helpful and offered that it's OK to mentioned them as a parts source. So far I'm very pleased and hope to be shooting with a supported guide rod soon. BTW, Thanks for the addressing my question regarding make-up of duo-tone model. mc :biggrin: Edited to correct spelling and note that I have not received any information regarding the partial collar or "buffer" as the manual identifies it.
  13. I plan to get a G20 next. That will make 6 Glocks. Although I shoot some other guns better I love the fit, pure simplicity and reliability of Glock along with the idea that I don't have to worry about bluing issues i.e., scratches and wear.. mc :bye1:
  14. Will have first hand knowledge as guide rod and instructions in-flight. Richard Muhlfried seems helpful and responsive although some of my questions weren't answered. I suspect he's very busy and doing his best to address our part orders. One question I had is the "duotone" finish a plating or stainless. Also wanted to know what other parts I should order. Based on his lack of response and SA's confidence I should be good to go but I've read about problems elsewhere. to be continued... mc This darn guitar bug (at 57) is cutting into my gun fun.
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