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  1. Erich

    utah concealed carry

    I've had my UT license for a while. :bye1:
  2. Erich

    Hello From a New York newbie

    Hi Raul, I've got a lot of relatives in NY, but they're all down on Long Island . . . I suspect you're upstate based on your statement that you carry for self-defense. Lovely up there! Hope you're not getting too buried in this snowstorm that's hitting today. cheers, erich
  3. Erich

    light primer strike

    One of the things that I don't like about striker-fired pistols is how a dirty striker channel can really mess up your world with a self-defense gun. I had one of the earliest Glock 33s and fired the early .357 SIG ammo. I don't know whether it was that the ammo manufacturers had sealed their primers poorly or whether it was just the high-pressure cartridge in combination with the Glock's funkily engineered oversized striker hole in the breechface, but I started getting light strikes after a few hundred rounds. You cannot have that with a self-defense gun! I asked folks on the earliest (pre-98) white board version of Glock Talk (ah, those were the days :beertime: ) and they told me that I needed to clean the striker channel. I did, and everything worked fine. I found that I needed to clean the gunk out of the striker channel every 200 rounds with that gun or I would start to get light strikes. I've not had this problem with any 9mm Glock, BTW. I was somewhat irritated that Glock's literature at the time told you NOT to clean the striker channel. Perhaps they thought that idiots would leave solvent or oil up there (you want the channel to run perfectly dry and perfectly clear) that would attract even more gunk. In any event, I was left with a bad taste in my mouth by the whole experience, and for this and other reasons traded off the gun after a couple of thousand very expensive rounds. All that to say: it's your striker channel. Clean it, and you'll be fine. Good Heavens, after sixteen years, you might think about detail-stripping and cleaning the gun and changing out all the springs anyway!
  4. Erich

    New Mexico Members!!

    MF, I think they're probably in the wholesaler's inventory - Jodas would probably need to have them in hand to hold them. OTOH, T-day is rapidly approaching . . . maybe he could just order one at the right time for you. Jodas, thanks for the offer - right now I've shot the gun budget for a while.
  5. I've never found those "subtract X fps for each inch of barrel" formulas to be based in reality - let's see what a chrono says.
  6. Scott, I'd be stunned if you could actually pull this off without going into "Clark-level" loads. I believe that you would be the first handloader of my acquaintance to do so. (I think you'd be very lucky to crack 1k fps with a 100-grain pill out of that barrel.) But, who knows, post your chrono data! :biggrin:
  7. Erich

    Please List Your Dies

    Lee 4-die set. I've owned other 10mm/.40 dies, but I kept going back to the Lee set that I inherited from a friend who got out of reloading. Frankly, the Lees are the only brand of dies that I haven't had problems with. I've been using them since the beginning of my reloading interest (more than 20 years now), and I think they just work great - why pay more for performance that's no better?
  8. Erich


    Me, too, Sam! Glad I'm not the only one.
  9. Erich

    used brass

    This is why I was so happy to notice the perfectly round firing pin mark on the 150 once-fired Double Tap 10mm cases I found at the range on Sunday!
  10. Today at the range I noticed a Double Tap box on the top of the trash. I looked at the end and saw it was 10mm. Well, later I walked down the range to say hello to a friend and I noticed, scattered all over the ground . . . 150 10mm cases. All Double Tap! All once-fired. I was pretty happy! :biggrin:
  11. Erich

    We're off to the Bullfights!

    Make sure you go for the "sombra" tickets - gets warm otherwise. You kids have a fun weekend! :bye1:
  12. Erich

    10mmTalk 3rd Anniversary

    Thanks for the great forum and friendship! :beertime:
  13. The .32 H&R Mag has always called to me as a caliber that would be fun to shoot and reload. I've read a lot of chrono reports for this caliber, and it seems to me that one really wants a 4" barrel to let the bullet get its legs under it. I'm glad the Charter worked out for you!
  14. Erich

    Happy birthday, Erich!

    I tried to tie them down yesterday on when they want me to speak. It looks like it's early in the afternoon session. They don't have a final, final schedule yet, though, so I asked them to try to put me in the a.m. The big morning speaker has to be in ABQ to catch a plane in the evening, though, so he's not moving. Anyway, it's a solid 2.5 hours from Taos to ABQ . . .
  15. Erich

    Happy birthday, Erich!

    You gents are mighty kind! gunfan, that would be cool if it would work out. There's a Taos conference I'm invited to speak at that day, but I would hope I'd be back by then. Email me when it gets closer to the date to update me on your plans.