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  1. Chad

    Delta - Ellison rear sight problems

    On my Delta GC, the adjustable Accro rear sight has 2 tiny ball bearings (A2 on the parts list-Rear Sight Det. Ball), one on either side of the elev. adj. screw. They got jarred out of position once when I shot a bunch of hot stuff, the result being the screw would turn without moving the sight up or down. Might be the problem with yours. I shot the plunger tube loose at the same time, which is why there is now a plunger tube re-staking tool in my tool box. :biglaugh:
  2. I probably have shot 3,000-4,000 rnds of Atlanta Arms factory reloads in 180gr fmj 10mm. I had one bad rnd...the casing split and collapsed the groove...out of all of them. Lower powered but for the price I'll always buy them for plinking. As long as you check them carefully...since they are reloads...they are fine. In '04/'05 I was shooting a lot at an indoor range in Columbus Ga., using Atlanta Arms and DT. After a year or so I started seeing DT brass in the Atlanta Arms ammo I bought there. I figured I was doing my part in the recycling thing. :biggrin:
  3. Chad

    US Most Armed Country

    http://www.smallarmssurvey.org/files/sas/about/mission.html It only takes a wee bit of looking to see where this is coming from. Think of it as a report on how well the enemy is doing.
  4. That's beautiful work...and the pic isn't bad either. How long did they have it?
  5. Chad


    $760 It's in excellent shape, with box and most accessories and paperwork. Beautiful wood...don't know if the grips are original.
  6. Chad


    I just today fell into a 3" 610-2...I was actually looking for a Marlin 39 but couldn't walk away from the 610!!
  7. Chad

    End the Killing Fields

    It CAN happen... Not immediately...not all at once... But if we don't drop the ball this time...like we have too many times in the past...we can make change happen.
  8. Chad

    Where Gun-Control Leads?

    If "we" is a large percentage of the voting public, then you are correct...and it is extremely frustrating. Something else for us all to work on...educating the ones that need it.
  9. Chad

    Where Gun-Control Leads?

    New laws and statutes are introduced continually, not just in election years. If enough of us make it known that we will vote out of office those who advocate more gun control, they will get the message. And when we follow through and do vote them out of office, they'll get the message even louder. But it takes all of us to make the effort, and keep making it.
  10. Chad

    Where Gun-Control Leads?

    As many times as it takes, I guess. Personally I'm not going to stop fighting for change until all the rights we gave away or allowed to be stolen are recovered. I've seen in a sig line somewhere "100 million people murdered at the hands of their own governments just can't be wrong: Fight gun control to the bitter end." I printed it in large letters and put it on my office wall. I've wondered how accurate the number was...it appears to be low. Thanks for posting the article.
  11. Chad

    Feast your eyes on this!

    Of course I do. But I do it the old-fashioned way...I put on fancy clothes, and then take them off when the evening is done. I don't tattoo them onto my body.
  12. Chad

    Feast your eyes on this!

    Nah...nice work but it's just too gaudy for me.
  13. I am a fan of two-tones, though I prefer a dark slide, light receiver. I've decided my next 10 will be a Dan Wesson, just not sure which one yet. I moved the Witness Match or Limited down the list a notch. But unfortunately I'm sure mine won't be as customized or as beautiful as that one. Nice gun!!!
  14. This is very bad for my blood pressure. The "It can't happen here" crowd should be forced to watch it.
  15. Chad

    glock 29 pricing

    Go for it! I don't think you'd find another at that price. The 29 is a great pistol!!