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  1. This Galco OWB right-handed holster will fit either a G29 or 30. Except for some light scuffing on the bottom, this holster is in very good condition. I'll let it go for $28 price reduced to $25, price includes shipping. Please PM if interested.
  2. Please PM me if interested. This is a right-handed Mika's IWB holster for the G29/30. It is in almost new condition. I've only worn it three times. I'll let it go for $23, price reduced to $20 price includes shipping.
  3. Hi, everyone. I'm looking for some "big dot" Tritium sights for my G29 and my P220. Does anyone have a brand they recommend? Thanks!
  4. I saw this video a few days ago. This type of idiocy is EXACTLY what gives gun owners a bad name and provides fodder for the gun banners. The stupidity, coupled with the shirt he was wearing, does nothing but scream "white trash." I read in Concealed Carry magazine recently an article by Robert Boatman . Boatman mentions a father who thought it would be just great to introduce his 8 year old son to shooting by having him shoot one of those big a$$ Casull revolvers. The recoil caused the gun barrel to smack him in the head with such force that he was actually killed.
  5. That's exactly what I ordered today! They're running about 5 months out, but that's OK because I'm in no hurry. I was very pleased with their customer service. I spoke with a really nice guy who answered all my questions.
  6. Hi, everyone. I hope you all had a good holiday. This may be a question more for you 1911 folks. What is the best holster combo to use for concealed carry of a heavy service-size gun. I own a stainless P220. I have an OWB Fobus holster for it, but I'm not happy with that mode of carry. The gun sticks out too much and I have to keep pulling my pants up due to the gun's weight. Lots of people carry heavier guns daily, so I see no reason why I can't carry my P220 regularly. Most high-end 1911 models like Wilson Combat and Rock River are usually heavier guns like the P220. I like to carry mostly IWB because it adds security and comfort when I carry. I'd love to hear anyone's suggestions regarding holster brands and carry methods. Thanks!!
  7. Just took my G29 to the range to test my new AA .22 conversion kit that arrived in the mail today. Much to my relief, it's awesome!! Very accurate, and I shot 100 CCI minimags with only one bad primer. I guess I got my money's worth! :beertime:
  8. Here's an article by benEzra from guntards.com. What do you all think? http://guntards.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=304 Most gun oils are just regular machine/motor oils with off-the-shelf additive packs (just like those oils), packaged in tiny quantities with the word "gun" on the bottle and a 500% markup. After trying a bunch of specialty gun oils for years (mostly Rem Oil and Hoppes Elite), I've found something that lubricates better, fights corrosion just as well, doesn't evaporate as easily, and is way cheaper. Turns out that Mobil 1 synthetic motor oil (full synthetic, not dinosaur derived) actually has superior properties compared to most gun oils--less volatility, better lubrication and wear resistance, higher shear strength, and better temperature stability. All the info below (quoted) is from the user Gun Slinger from the High Road, and is posted here with his permission. He recommends M1 synthetic 20W50 for most uses, but AR's might be happier with 10W30 due to the tight clearances and relatively low-energy bolt carrier. But even 10W30 is way superior to most gun oils. I don't have any 20W50 yet, but I had some extra Mobil 1 10W30 that I had bought for my car, and recently started using it on my civvie AK and my S&W Ladysmith 9mm, using a Q-tip as an applicator to the bearing surfaces. Results have been excellent; the guns work more smoothly, and the oil doesn't dry up/evaporate as quickly as the oils marketed as gun oils. Note that this info probably applies to most synthetic (polyalphaolefin based) motor oils, but is NOT necessarily applicable to non-synthetic oils (i.e., regular motor oil). Comparison to a traditional gun oil: Gun Slinger wrote: RemOil usually hovers around the 25 cSt (give or take) level at 100 F and really thins quickly as it is subjected to heating. The (Mobil 1 synthetic) 10W30 starts at 62.0 cSt at 100 F and thins to 10.0 cSt at 212 F and if memory serves it also has a higher VI than RemOil and that is why it seems to stick around longer than the RemOil. So Mobil 1 appears to kick Rem Oil's butt. It also appears to kick Militec-1's butt, though by a smaller margin (the stats for Militec-1 are the last entry in the table). And that is a very highly regarded gun oil. The only caveat would be, if you take the gun in a very corrosive environment (salt spray, or two weeks of camping/hiking in a humid area, or whatever), a corrosion protectant/lubricant like CLP might be slightly better at preventing rust (M1 has oxidation inhibitors, but it is optimized as a lubricant). Still, in those conditions, a dedicated corrosion protectant like Boeshield T-9 or Corrosion-X sprayed everywhere on the gun, with Mobil 1 just on the bearing surfaces, might be even better than CLP all around (corrosion protection and lubrication wise). Something to think about, anyway. Since Mobil 1 is subjected to such extreme conditions (in terms of thermal stress, oxidation and pressure) inside of an internal combustion engine, it appears that it should possess both adequate film and barrier strength to serve as a small arms lubricant. The criteria that these lubricants were evaluated by are: 1. Pour Point (P/P): The lowest temperature (in degrees F) at which the lubricant will flow within a specified timeframe. Minimum requirement: -50 F 2. Flash Point (F/P): The lowest temperature (in degrees F) at which the lubricant will produce vapors that, if subjected to an ignition source, will ignite and combust. Minimum requirement: +450 F 3. Viscosity at 100 F (V/100): The viscosity (in centistokes) of the lubricant at 100 F. Minimum requirement: 40.00 cSt 4. Viscosity at 212 F (V/212): The viscosity of the lubricant (in centistokes) at 212 F. Minimum requirement: 8.00 cSt As a point of reference, the kinematic viscosity of pure water at: 68 F (room temperature) is 1.004 cSt 100 F is 0.658 cSt 212 F is 0.294 cSt 5. Transient Operating Range (TOR): The sum of the absolute values of the Pour Point (P/P) and the Flash Point (F/P). Minimum requirement: 500 F 6. Viscosity Index (VI): An arbitrary numerical value assigned to a lubricant indicating its ability to retain its viscosity across a specified temperature range. Minimum requirement: 110 (Very High) Low VI: 35 or lower Medium VI: 35-80 High VI: 80-110 Very High VI: 110 or higher Data for Mobil 1 Synthetic Lubricants: 0W20 P/P: -70.6 F F/P: +449.6 F V/100: 43.0 cSt V/212: 8.4 cSt TOR: 520.2 F VI: 176 0W30 P/P: -65.2 F F/P: +456.8 F V/100: 63.1 cSt V/212: 11.0 cSt TOR: 522.0 F VI: 169 0W40 P/P: -65.2 F F/P: +456.8 F V/100: 80.0 cSt V/212: 14.3 cSt TOR: 522.0 F VI:188 5W20 P/P: -52.6 F F/P: +442.4 F V/100: 48.3 cSt V/212: 8.8 cSt TOR: 495.0 F VI: 164 5W30 P/P: -65.2 F F/P: +446.0 F V/100: 64.8 cSt V/212: 11.3 cSt TOR: 511.2 F VI: 171 5W40 P/P: -49.0 F F/P: +438.8 F V/100: 102.0 cSt V/212: 14.8 cSt TOR: 487.8 F VI: 152 5W50 P/P: -65.2 F F/P: +456.8 F V/100: 104.9 cSt V/212: 17.5 cSt TOR: 522.0 F VI: 184 10W30 P/P: -49.0 F F/P: +453.2 F V/100: 62.0 cSt V/212: 10.0 cSt TOR: 484.2 F VI: 148 10W40 (MX4T) P/P: -65.2 F F/P: +487.4 F V/100: 86.0 cSt V/212: 13.8 cSt TOR: 552.6 F VI: 166 15W50 P/P: -49.0 F F/P: +446.0 F V/100: 125.0 cSt V/212: 17.4 cSt TOR: 495.0 F VI: 153 20W50 (VTWIN) P/P: -59.8 F F/P: +518.0 F V/100: 130.0 cSt V/212: 17.7 cSt TOR: 577.8 F VI: 151 75W90 P/P: -50.8 F F/P: +347.0 F V/100: 106.0 cSt V/212: 15.2 cSt TOR: 397.8 F VI: 151 75W140 P/P: -59.8 F F/P: +429.8 F V/100: 179.0 cSt V/212: 25.3 cSt TOR: 489.6 F VI: 175 SYNTHETIC ATF P/P: -65.2 F F/P: +456.8 F V/100: 34.0 cSt V/212: 7.6 cSt TOR: 522.0 F VI: 203 JET OIL II P/P: -74.2 F F/P: +518.0 F V/100: 27.6 cSt V/212: 5.1 cSt TOR: 592.2 F VI: 113 JET OIL 254 P/P: -79.6 F F/P: +489.0 F V/100: 26.4 cSt V/212: 5.3 cSt TOR: 568.6 F VI: 137 JET OIL 284 P/P: -70.6 F F/P: +442.4 F V/100: 17.6 cSt V/212: 4.0 cSt TOR: 513.0 F VI: 128 MILITEC-1 (for comparison purposes only) P/P: -45.0 F F/P: +455.0 F V/100: 43.41 cSt V/212: 5.63 cSt TOR: 500.0 F VI: 63 Top 5 Criteria Compliant Grades: 1. 20W50 (VTWIN) 2. 10W40 (MX4T) 3. 5W50 4. 0W40 5. 0w30 Mobil 1 and Redline are both composed of synthesized PAO's and the nomenclature that the two companies use are just different ways of refering to PAO's (polyalphaolefins and polyol esters) both of which are esters formed from alkenes (also called alpha-olefins) which are compounds (possessing a double bonded carbon to carbon and no other functional group within the molecule) that are polymerized in order to form PAO's. The alkenes that are polymerized for use as lubricant basestocks are most commonly low molecular weight alkenes such as ethene and hexene. Esters are simply a general class of chemical compounds and functional groups and are not indicative of lubricants only in that they also exist as flavor/scents, types of cleaning agents, plastics and plasticizers, personal care products like hand moisturizers etc, etc, etc. The PAO's (PE, PAO, poly-ol esters, polyalpha olefins, what have you) that compose Mobil1 and Redline and Amsoil and any other brand names that I have missed are all the same thing as they all possess the same naturally high affinity for metal surfaces and tend to exhibit multigrade viscosity characteristics and do not require the addition of modifying agents to obtain these properties which is why they are so widely used in the lubricant industry. Everything you ever wanted to know about the chemistry and properties of lubricating oils and greases: http://www.bobistheoilguy.com
  9. Heck...I could have told you that. Most people on this forum probably don't go to Democratic Underground.com very much. However, they have a forum called "the Gungeon" where pro-Second Amendment liberals and Democrats get together to strategize and regularly trash irrational, blind hoplophopia that so many "liberals" succumb to. Here's a funny posting from a pro-gun liberal who frequents Democratic Underground: http://www.guntards.net/breaking-news-at-this-hour AP WIRE, DEMOCRATIC UNDERGROUND Gun violence took a deadly toll on Democratic Underground last night when yet another of Bongo Marie’s* arguments was brutally shot down by an armed Democrat. Gun control advocates on America’s most popular progressive political discussion board have been in a state of panic for weeks now, afraid to voice their ideas in public for fear of being mercilessly rebutted by the many self-defense supporters who frequent the forum. Bongo Marie and her associates have urged administrators to ban “assault anecdotes:” pieces of evidence supporting gun rights that can be quickly presented and do massive damage to the anti-gun cause. “Some of the evidence these gun nuts are packing is just insane,” said one gun-grabber, speaking on condition of anonymity. “I’ve heard them citing FBI statistics, talking about how Eleanor Roosevelt owned a revolver, stuff like that. It’s just crazy. I mean, last night one of them mentioned that the first gun control measures were part of the Jim Crow laws! That’s not fair—no one needs to cite facts that compelling. Guns are evil and that’s all there is to it.” Bongo Marie herself has felt the sting of gun violence all too often. As one of the most fervent supporters of gun restrictions, her posts have been shot full of holes more times than she cares to remember. “It’s utterly apalling,” said Bongo Marie. “I spend upwards of an hour writing and proofreading every post I make, and that doesn’t even take into account the time I spend going through people’s post histories looking for non-gender-neutral pronouns. And all it takes to rip them apart is one little cut-and-pasted chapter from a civil rights history book. All this spinning and hair-splitting isn’t as easy as it looks, you know. No honest person should be able to rebut my arguments so easily.” Long-standing Democratic Underground policy forbids the denial of a poster’s progressive politics on the basis of their self-defense views, but gun control advocates are working to push through the Liberal Litmus Test Act nonetheless. Among the act’s provisions are a ban on the citation of any gun control statutes from before 1980, total prohibition of any discussion regarding Switzerland and strict controls on references to Gary Kleck’s publications. “Those lunatics are running around blasting us with fully-footnoted studies and all we can do to defend ourselves is make penis jokes,” said another anonymous anti-gunner. “The mods need to do something to balance the scales.” In lieu of a legislative response to the verbal barrage from gun owners, some anti-gun posters have opted to guard their minds with bulletproof shields that keep any outside ideas from entering. “I’m not afraid of those gun-sucking freaks,” said long-time gun control advocate Paco*. “No logic or reason can penetrate my mental armor. I’m going to keep posting ‘Are Gun Owners Babykilling Psychopaths?’ polls in General Discussion until I get a majority Yes vote.” *Paco and Bongo Marie are alternate names for infamous DU gun-grabbers who don’t deserve any more publicity than they’ve already gotten. Paco has spammed the general discussion forum with so much push-polling and gun hate material that even the more anti-gun DU members have told him to knock it off. So what’s the point of all this? The antis are running scared, even on forums like Kos and DU. The anti-gun bias that the Bradyites have worked so hard to instill into the progressive community is eroding away, and now that logic and reason are entering into the debate the antis are finding themselves sorely outgunned, since emotion and distortion have long been the only weapons in their arsenal. Once the prejudice against firearms is defused, the anti arguments will fold like cheap cardboard, and on the Internet we can see it happen in real time. Sites like Guntards, which mark the overlap between the pro-gun and progressive communities, will be an important part of this process.
  10. Thanks!! I've asked this question on several different forums with no responses. So you don't think a NY1 trigger on a G29 for a AA conversion would be a problem?
  11. Hi, everyone! I want to buy an Advantage Arms conversion kit for my G29. It says on their web site that some accessories, like a different connector beside the Glock factory one, can "adversely affect" the function of the conversion. I did have a NY1 trigger installed on my G29, but the connector is the same factory standard one that came with the gun when I bought it. Does anyone know if I can still use the conversion kit with the heavier trigger? Thanks!
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H00gshZW9Po...=related&search
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