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  1. Anyone have any original Norma 10mm w/ the box? I would like a pic of the end flap if you could. I Seem to remember it being called the 10mm Norma, as they were the only ones making the round at the time. For any collectors out there, please straighten me out. I had several boxes back when it first came out, 170gr & 200gr, very hot stuff, 1170fps & 1270fps from my Delta. Thanks
  2. Can you post a pic of the box end flap? Does it say 10mm Norma? I remember that on the few boxes I had back in the day. Thanks
  3. I am trying to get a group buy up for a 357sig bbl from Barsto for the 1006 or even the 4006. Please have a look if interested. http://smith-wessonforum.com/showthread.php?t=88706 We need 50 & have 39 now so it's moving forward. thanks fred
  4. Magnum primers w/ med. burning powders will often only increase pressures w/ no add'l. benefits. For the small amount of powder in a 10mm case, stay w/ the std. primers of any flavor you like. Some of the guys shooting Glocks like the Fed. for more posetive ignition, but I haven't had any problems in my G17 w/ CCI or WW or RP.
  5. Loading your own 10mm will quickly pay for a progressive setup. I like Dillon gear, but others do fine on cheper Lee stuff. If you already load for SG, it's not completely different in theory & actually a bit easier to me as you have fewer componets to match. Using plated bullets like Ranier or Berry's, you can put together high quality ammo for about $5/50 not counting your brass. Get a good reloading manual & read through the steps. Stay away from ultra fast powders & you should be fine.
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