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  1. could you give me details on how you made it work I have been working on a glock mag rmw barreled ar and can function with approximately 4-5 rounds without hang ups
  2. i think th witness is more comparable to a beretta 92fs
  3. are there any plans on making pistol caliber barrels a 10mm or 10mm magnum would be awesome
  4. i have come to the conclusion that i will need single stack mags for the rifle to feed properly any body have any ideas
  5. i have talked to Tony Rumore at Tromix and he seems to think that it wouldn' be that hard of a build ordered a reamer today have brass and bullets and couple parts kits think it will be fun
  6. thanks for the info i am going to build piston driven ak's not blowback so it looks like the issue will be feeding. i think i read that some of the gas blocks are .630 also what do you think abouth saiga gas blocks i know the saiga 12 takes a larger one.
  7. anybody ever tried a 10mm magnum ak build i am tempted but would need help with barrel contour and chamber reaming and headspace any body have any info
  8. is the brass still available and how much would you sell it for
  9. sounds interesting a friend and I have been contemplating a 10 mm mag ar
  10. Hello up for sale are 2 styles of knives they are both a-2 tool steel and are around 60 rc hardness. The knives both measure just under 6.5 inches overall , and the blades are just a hair over 3 inches long. The blades are parkerized they all have thumb jimping on the spine and the handles are cord wrapped with o.d. green paracord each knife includes a black kydex neck sheath with 4 eyelet holes. I have 5 of each style available. The 2 in the pics are the first ones finished and I am finishing these as I sell them they are all ready for bead blasting and parkerizing the knives may vary ever so slightly from the ones in the pics.These knives balance point is right at the end of the paracord. The price on these are $110.00 shipped in the U.S. please pm or email me with any questions
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