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  1. Wow . . . I can't believe that it's been three years since LWD announced the development of their G20L slide.
  2. If the rounds fit the magazine, then you could have a barrel manufacturer cut you a 10mm barrel with the outside profile of the USP45. You'll still have to deal with the reduced extraction reliability that goes with shooting a 10mm cartridge on a 45ACP breechface, but it would be a quite and easy swap.
  3. Really? Are LEO's not trained to creatively encourage suspects to waive a variety of their 4th Amendment rights in order to aid investigation?? You know that I'm right (and this isn't an "aspersion" for you moderator types). LEO's are indeed trained to dominate situations and through verbal and physical intimidation encourage citizens to accede to their "requests" for access (say, to an apartment, or automobile). Frankly, it's legitimized bullying. ETA: Before you slam me, know that I am a sworn servant of the People as well, and held to a far higher standard of conduct than 99.8% of LEO's (ie, the ones that are civilians).
  4. The only reason the Sith used Force Lightning . . . is because they didn't have 10mm pistols!!!
  5. The old lore is just that . . . old lore. If the US had specifically designed the 5.56mm/M16 to have enhanced wounding, it would have been disallowed by Army JAG under the Hague Convention. It just so happens that M193, at short range, tumbles and fragments IN A LIQUID MEDIUM (ie, human flesh). This was by chance, not by design. Bull****. M855 fragments just like M193. The issues are engaging targets with M855 beyond the range at which velocity drops below the fragmentation threshold. The new 75/77gr ammo helps to solve that. So that he's limited to 55gr projos and lighter ONLY? That's great advice . . . :barf: Go consult the Ammo Oracle and come back when you're done reading . . .
  6. Define "knockdown power" . . . I dare you. You can't, because there is no such thing. There ARE terminal ballistic effects, and with proper load selection 5.56mm has all the effects you need, at a fraction of the cost of 6.8mm or 6.5mm ammo.
  7. I would buy an inexpensive but quality lower through your FFL, install a CMT LPK (lower parts kit), and then order a custom upper from CMMG, Noveske, or LMT (depending upon what features you want). Install telestock of your choice. I've been shooting M16's, M4's, and AR15's since 1994. They work, period . . . IF you keep them reasonably clean and lubricated. They don't have to sparkle, or be swimming in oil . . . but you just need to take care of them, they certainly can handle being more than "a little dirty." If you keep it in your trunk, clean it before you put it in there, and experiment with lubes that will "stay put" in that environment. I would hit it with Birchwood Casey Barricade to eliminate corrosion. 5.56mm, especially with Black Hills 75/77 grain ammo is plenty of medicine. I would highly recommend 1/7 twist. Then, you can shoot any ammo you can buy. No reason to hamstring yourself with 1/9.
  8. If you purchase a "regular" Title I firearm (rifle, pistol, shotgun) at your local FFL, you can fill out the Form 1, and once it comes back approved, you can follow the appropriate procedures and turn your rifle or pistol into an SBR or your shotgun into an SBS. If you want to purchase a Title II (NFA) firearm, you pay whoever owns it, and execute the Form 4 transfer. You can't take possession until the approval comes in.
  9. A "Class III License" or more properly a Class III SOT (Special Occupational Taxpayer) is a dealer in NFA firearms. A Type 03 FFL is a C&R (Curios & Relics) Collector. The "tax stamp" of which I speak is actually the canceled BATFE stamp (looks like a postage stamp, but it's Series of 1934) on you approved Form 1 (Application to Make an NFA Firearm); in this case, an SBR (Short Barreled Rifle). You send in your completed Form 1 (after complying with all requirements, including writing a check for $200), have your receiver engraved with your name, town and state, and when you get the approved form back, you can pull of the fake can you see in the photo of NG3K's gun, and you have one that looks like mine.
  10. Just make sure you comply with the CCW laws of all of the states through which you pass on your way from OK to GA. In GA, you are eligible to CCW w/o a permit as an Active Duty military member. GA is one of the few states that grants LEO-esque status to military in terms of weapons carriage. Just to be sure, make sure you Google the GA Atty Gen's opinion on this. I'm sure there are other pages that detail it as well. You have both an OK and a Florida permit, right?!? If not, get them! The OK permit you should have, so that when you apply for a permit in GA (a smart CYA move), you have something from your home state to show them. The more permits, the better!! I'm up to PA, FL, and CT . . . and I'm thinking about getting ME soon. As military, you are entitled to take all of your weapons with you on PCS as long as they are legal wherever you are going. Since GA has few restrictions to worry about, there's nothing you might have in OK that would be illegal in GA, AFAIK/IANAL. States like CA and CT actually have statutory exceptions for military personnel with Homeland Defense ("assault") Weapons. Other states (like NY and NJ) do not. Knowing is half the battle . . . :biglaugh:
  11. I would, if I were you! Get your tax stamp, engrave the receiver, and pull off the fake suppressor (or if was a pistol, install a buttstock). :biggrin:
  12. No offense to NG3K, but I don't think that his report from several years ago should be taken as the gospel on the 10mm Coharie. Check out a recent range report from about my 10mm MP5/10-clone at a local plate match: http://www.ar15.com/forums/topic.html?b=6&...=9&t=236684 I have have nothing but good results from my copy of this weapon. Granted, mine is an SBR (which reduces the back-pressure on the bolt group) and I have three different locking pieces that I can use to TUNE the function of the weapon to the ammo being used. My suspicion is that N3GK and most other users who have had significant problems with the 10mm guns have been using the incorrect LP for their ammo. N3GK specifically mentioned that he was using the 80º LP with DOUBLE TAP ammunition. He should have been using the HI (60º) LP. It's no wonder that the BHO broke. He mentioned that there is a 50º LP out there somewhere . . . I'd like to get one of THOSE!! I've only got the 80º, 70º, and 60º LP's (IIRC). My 200gr 10mm loads sit on 12gr of AA#9, and even with the HI (60º) LP, I'd like to try out the 50º just to see if I could reduce function a little bit more.
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