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  1. Being a new member here as well, This is a nice group to hang around! Welcome and have fun!
  2. 1911Gunner

    AR15 Picture Thread

    The light is a Pelican M6 Lithium with a Pentagon Tape Switch. The wrap is 550 cord in OD green. I ended up taking the wrap off the next day. It didn't feel right to me. Right now the tape switch is reinforced with the rubber wrap that came with the tape switch. Here is a close up of the grip ETA: Thanks for the warm welcome!
  3. 1911Gunner

    AR15 Picture Thread

    Thanks OD45!
  4. 1911Gunner

    AR15 Picture Thread

    I'm new here so I'll add my pic to the pile... My Bushy through it's transformation... Stock After I finished A little nose heavy, but I'm a big boy, I can heft her around...