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  1. I'd buy a regular 275 gallon fuel tank for each fuel. Diesel needs a biocide, and an anti-gel additive and that's abotu it. I have used untreated diesel fuel that was decades old with no ill effects. Gasoline will nee to be somewhat sealed against evaporation with somethign called a "pre-vent" vent cap that will [pop off at 3 psi. This is available at Tractor Supply or other farm supply store. The tanks can be found used and if that fails, buy them new at a plumbing/heating supply house. 55 gallons ain't gonna last long. Ops
  2. We'll have another in the spring, likely end of April/beginnign of May. Sorry I can't be more specific. Ops
  3. Ops

    Armory members in action

    Me with my Serbu. Big medicine. My son and I, crashing the barricade at 25 mph. Ops
  4. http://www.ar15.com/forums/topic.html?b=10...17&t=607242 here's the link, site is near Laceyville, PA. This campout is primarily directed at cold weather techiques, altho we will do some shooting stuff, so bring a carbine and a basic fighting load. Ops
  5. Ops

    Anyone else Guilty...

    SBK had me order a Dillon 650. I know it ain't his.. Ops
  6. Ops

    So I'm Packing My XD .45 today................

    I've been spotted a number of times, twice by State Police, and the most I got was a friendly nod. Lots of folks carry here, so it's not unusual. I carry a short slide HiPower in a Hume flapjack holster. Ops
  7. the MLK weekend campout has been scheduled, January 18th thru 21st. Any interest? We only do a few open invitation campouts per year! Email if interested. Ops
  8. Ops

    I have died and gone to heaven

    Welcome! Lots to be learned here. Don't be bashful about attending a campout. First time for everyone, don't be bashful. Ops
  9. A few of the "Northeast Crew" got together for some informal training over this past weekend. Here's a few pics and comments... Live fire obstacle course, barricade, balance beam, wire, etc. It's not as easy as it looks.. Yours truly, pulling rear security on a safe movement drill. Reaction to hostle contact, even the camera operator flinched! Contindued safe movement drill, column of twos. We spend a lot of time training to move in potential hostile territory. My son SBK working on edged weapons defense. Quite a subject and a course of study all its own. We are planning an open invitation campout in January, over MLK weekend. Email if interested. Ops
  10. Ops

    Bugout Weapons

    Gee whiz, I was only gonna carry one carbine.. Ops
  11. Corcorans are indeed a quality boot, I have a pair of Field boots that look like new after 12 years. Ops
  12. Ops


    We are in a different situation. We live in a VERY rural area, and depending on the cause, we may be out of power for days on end. I also already had a diesel tractor, and keep a minimum of 100 gallons of diesel on hand here. Here's a vid of my setup in operation. It's a 15kW PTO powered Winco, bought it used in 1999. Powereing it is a Kubota 17 HP diesel tractor. I need about 20 HP or so to power the gennie at full load, so I'm limited by the tractor. I can still run my central AC, water pump, electric water heater, and refrigeration. Fuel consumption is about 1 gallon per hour at full load. On a long term emergency, I'd run about 3 hours per day, to pump and heat water and cool the refrigeration. I should be able to last a month with my minimum fuel stocks. Ops
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    New Here

    Welcome old friend. Ops
  14. Ops

    Happy Birthday TomJefferson!

    well, Happy Birthday, ya old fart! And say Hi to Cap'n Noah, I was a deckhand 2nd class on the Ark.. Ops