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  1. Generally, I dont like snakes around. But it is true that black snakes are great to have around. When I was 12 or 13, I got the crap scared out of me by one, He (I'm guessing its a he?) was about 3 feet long. He had his little area he patrolled. Eventually I got used to him and he got used to me. Two summers back, I kicked a rather large black snake in the belly as we crossed each others trail. I was only 50 yards or so uphill from the pond so I imediately thought it was a moccasin and jumped as high as I could in case his head swung around. Scared my buddy, he was behind me, and he still b***** because I didnt yell 'snake'
  2. My grandpa used to scare himself telling about what happened to him and his brother back in the 40s in eastern Ky. Both were still unmarried at the time, and were courting two sisters about three or four miles up the *holler* as its called. Walking home just after dark, as they passed an old fence row, something jumped on his brother's back growling and drooling on him. Grandpa proceeded to beat it with his fists, noticing it was covered in greasy fur. It wouldnt let go, and his brother was screaming something awful. Grandpa said he broke a slat off the old fence and hit it several times until he broke the slat. The thing jumped off and ran, at this point Grandpa's brother finally was able to draw his old 45 and fire a shot, but most likely missed. They both decribed it as kind of a bastiage child between a monkey and a cat. Neither one was harmed, but both never left the house for quite some time without a longarm after that. Ive been there a few times, once overnight. No people (alive anyhow) live there now. My experience was pleasant, but my dad still has his memories as a kid living there, and the messed up things he experienced. The night we camped there, he awoke in the night and saw a shadow pass between the fire and our tent. He got me up at first light ready to leave, lol. I have a few more tales about the place if I can will my fingers to type them out.
  3. Here's my 10/22. *Custom* Krylon aerosol paintjob I did in my driveway. Internally stock, fiber op sites, SKS sling, and after the pics, it recieved a heatshield and a flashhider.
  4. 76% (Dixie). That is a pretty strong Southern score! Hehe
  5. P14. I havent actually purchased it, so I am basically in the planning stages. I want a 1911 .45ACP sidearm, single or double stack does not matter, NO polymer. I prefer fullsize, but I can appreciate the advantages of a concealable compact. Can any of you gurus point me toward any particular models? Trying to keep in under $800. Thanks in advance.
  6. Thinking about this: http://www.budsgunshop.com/catalog/product...oducts_id/13618 But mags are $40 to $50 each. Anyone know of any cheaper?
  7. You can buy A2 birdcages in .30 already threaded to 14X1LH.
  8. Sounds fun, cant wait. Better buy more ammo.
  9. http://midwestarmory.com/page4.html Try this guy first, osok. Decent prices on everything, and orders over $50 (which is almost everything) ships free. As far as wood furniture goes, I'm not into that, I like evil polymer painted camo, so I dont where to get that for a decent price. But you can try this place for a wide selection of wood furniture. Pricey IMO, but a wide selection. http://www.k-var.com/shop/home.php
  10. The search will not work for me, so if its been posted, please ignore. If you want a grip sleeve for your sidearms, or any firearm with a pistol grip, you dont have to spend much money. For about $3 I can do several firearms. I went to Walmart (I know, blasphemy) and bought a bicycle inner tube. They come in different sizes, 20, 24, and possibly 26 are the same width, just different diameters. 27s are thinner for smaller grips. I just cut it next to the valve stem, then slipped it over the grip, its a tight fit, and it stretches, so you have to get it where you want it before you cut it to size. Its not always pretty, or perfect, but its cheap, and it works. Here it is on an SAR-1, 24" tube was used. SKS, same tube. The rubber is a hell of an improvement over Century Arms' harsh checkering on their grips. Without gloves or paracord, it will really mess with your hands in the field, especially when wet. No pic yet, but I also made one for a P22. I used a 27" tube, which was a tight fit, so a larger 24" may also work well. The possibilities are endless really, since its cheap enough. I may do my mini maglight next.
  11. And another. Russian SKS, 1954 Tula.
  12. Try to polish my crappy Century Arms AK FCG.
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