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  1. Will repost later with new price
  2. Just missed buying a leather one made by Simply Rugged over on the S&W Forums then I saw this thread. Sent my order in for a square and a round. I figured different pants might fit one better than the other. We'll see . . .
  3. Mine required that I not only reduce the width but thin it just a bit to get it to fit. It's more snug than the factory FS.
  4. Don't know if it's high or not but you'll get more responses if you post your gun as a separate thread. Somebody may be looking for just what you're selling.
  5. He'll have to get that amount just to pay for the fees for all the pictures he posted.
  6. Here's the link: http://smith-wessonforum.com/eve/forums/a/...04/m/1241040002 Looks like it was originally posted back in February and has been bumped back up. Nope . . . no connections, just thought I'd pass it along. Maybe some of you saw it when it was first posted.
  7. 1 blue Delta with ambi safety and aftermarket sights &800 1 blue Delta S&A type mag well $900 2 stainless Delta's $900 each 1 stainless Delta Gold Cup $1400 1 Kimber Clark Special with comp $1450 His name is Warren Hiett Cell is 478-731-9754 Saw these today and got the info to share with the rest of ya. Don't know the guy, have absolutely no connection, just never seen that many 10mm together at one time at a gun show. Did not have time to look them over but the the Gold Cup "looked" new. Don't know if it is or not.
  8. Wiseman, what department at Wal Mart did you find the Dorcy Metal Gear. Looked at the lights in the sports department and couldn't find one. The closest was one by Garrity for around $13.
  9. Chuck, your opinion is shared by many who are involved in officer safety. You're in pretty good company.
  10. Soybomb, there are recorded instances of police officers' lives being saved because the goblin who took their weapon away from them could not figure out how to make the weapon go bang before the unarmed cop was able to recifiy the situation (back up gun, PR-24, taser, etc). Carrying and practicing with the safety on has certain advantages. You just have to weigh the pro's and con's and make your own decision.
  11. Mob, carpal tunnel will usually effect the thumb, index and middle fingers. If it's effecting your little and ring fingers it sounds more like an ulnar nerve problem. That's the nerve that gives you the electric shock sensation when you hit your funny bone. It runs down the arm through the little finger side of your wrist and innervates the last two fingers. Just a guess but it may be possible that sudden recoil could cause a stretching of the nerve that may cause inflammation giving you the sensation in the fingers that you're feeling. Just a thought . . . Of course, you'd need a physician to diagnose that for you.
  12. Thanks, Iggy! I remember shooting a 4" in the mid 70's and thinking, "this is like getting hit in the hand with a baseball bat!" Later I read Julian Hatcher had the same reaction. The 6" barrel and scope help but I'm sure the majority of my shooting will be with reduced loads. I'm looking forward to some long range play with that scope. There's just something about throwing a big ol' honkin' piece of lead downrange whether it's screaming or not. It'll be fun working up a load for deer season this fall.
  13. Nah, I think the why adds to the history of the gun and enhances its value to the new owner . . . and you're right it's downright purdy! Wish I had the kind of money to buy it. Better yet I wish I had the kind of money to buy it and shoot it!!
  14. Posted this over at the S&W Forum, but thought I'd share it with you guys. Been drooling over this one for a few weeks and finally came down to a price I was happy with ($450). Hardly shot, cylinder locks up like a vault. The scope is perfect since I have a hard time seeing the front sight nowadays. It was made around 95 or 96 so it has the full endurance package. I really, really like shooting this baby! For those who complain about 10mm recoil, this classic will remind them what recoil is all about! Smith and Wesson Model 29-6 .44 Magnum 6" barrel Leupold M-8 LER 2X scope Leupold base and rings Hornady 200 grain XTP-HP (rated 1550 fps from Ruger 7 1/2" barrel) 25 yard group
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