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  1. www.ag.state.oh.us as long as you dont have a felony on your record and you meet all the stipulations found on the above web addy. Go FOR IT!!!
  2. Kinetic1


    safetyfirstccw@woh.rr.com email Doug . located in Springfield, 85.
  3. what is your companies general email? I'll send a nice note and plead your case...
  4. Kinetic1


    Soory, whats your question??
  5. wow usually I dont show my burrito unless I am dressed as Spiderman...
  6. They suspended you for $95?!?!m really where do you work? did they recieve payment, was money Actually lost? thats rediculas!
  7. thank you one thank you all. :beer2:
  8. Bachelor party will be in Vegas next April. If you can find your way, you can come out and help me celebrate and play a few cards with me!!! Thanks for all your warm wishes!!! BTW Fiancee is the spelling referring to the female, fiance is the spelling referring to the male.
  9. So i asked my girlfriend to marry me, there was no doubt as to the answer, just how quickly could i pay off the ring. I guess this just delays further my AR purchase I asked her Friday night, on my birthday, was my best birthday ever!
  10. yup, headed to the golf course with my Dad to celebrate our Birthdays. Dad's Big 60, my 35th...
  11. Neato, and great report... how do we get there? How much? when are they open? Why do zebras have stripes?
  12. Happy Easter Everyone. Jesus has Risen!!!
  13. Edited: Bryan is a Newark man huh, not Columbus... if I'd just READ... Anyway, is there anything he needs can we pull some money or groceries together or something? Can someone close to his home organize something or give us an address to send stuff? What can we do? BTW Happy Easter!
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