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  1. 2005-2004-2003-2002- 2001-2005 vs. 2004 % Homicides 16 5 3 3 4 + 220.0 % Rapes 31 20 21 26 20 + 55.0 % Robbery 241 228 205 226 340 + 5.7 % Aggravated Assaults 102 94 87 152 245 + 8.5 % Total Violent Crimes 390 347 316 407 609 + 12.3 % This is for a city of just over 80K people. Oddly though crime on a whole was only up 1% I wonder how it's going to shape up for this year..... So anyone else got the stats for the last couple years in thier city?. Sorry for the odd formating, hope it's understandable
  2. I try not to generalise animals, and people for that matter too, based off the actions of a few, but unfortunetly every pit I've had an encounter with but my buddy's has been anything but good. It's a shame too because they are only like that because of the assholes that own them, that I know for sure because like I said my friends pit is nothing like any of the other ones I've run into she's just a really good dog thats well behaved and mellow.
  3. Had I not known them and they requested to see the paperwork I'd have showed it to them.
  4. So I'm at a friends house yesterday and he asks me if I could help him go pick up a load of firewood from his cousin's house. I said sure but I have to stop at the house and take the guns and gear out of the back of exploder. He says well you can just put it in my house. Ok that works. So we start taking everything out and he asks what guns I have with me. I had a couple with that he hadn't seen before so we popped open the case and I showed them to him. On the ground are three open gun cases. I had the SBR, the FA Mac, my .22lr can the SP89 clone, a glock 19 with and the cases were all open so they were visable. I had my baby eagle with too, on my hip(not visable). Along with the guns I also had my callahan all loaded up and ready to go sitting on the ground as well cuz he wanted to check that out. As were talking and he's checking out the guns this couple is walking by and where were at in his back yard is visable from the sidewalk. As were talking I notice this guy is walking up to us. As he gets closer he asks about the SP89 clone. My friend and I are like um who the hell are you and why are you walking up on us? He says he's a cop, showed the badge, and that he saw the gun and was just wondering what it was, then he saw the SBR and the mac and the rest of the guns. Next words out of his mouth are "are those machine guns" asking about the SBR and the Mac. I said the AR is a registered short barreled rifle and the Mac is a registered full auto. He asks to see the paperwork. So I asked if he was on duty, knowing he wasn't. He says no, so I said well in that case sir I'm not going to show you the paperwork. I have it but I'm under no legal obligation to show it to you. And with that it went from a kind wierd but decent situation to dealing with an butthole cop. He tells me as an LEO he can see the paperwork at any time he wants on or off duty and that I need to show him the paper work or he would arrest me on wepaons charges and DC for "open carry"*. I told him again sorry sir but I don't have to show it to you and I'm not going to since your off duty. At that point my friend tells him since your here without being invited onto my property your tresspassing and I'm asking you to leave. He says he has PC because he saw us with the guns. I pointed out that being in possession of a firearm is not a crime and as such just seeing it is not PC to do anything. He says he's not leaving till he sees the paper work, my friend says fine, I'm calling the cops, gets on his cell phone and calls the police department and says he has an un wanted party on his property who is refusing to leave. The cop gets on his cellphone and calls into the PD as well. Ok now it's a freaking mess. About a min later a squad shows up, it's the officer that lives right down the street. At this point all the guns are on the ground laying in thier open cases. The on duty officer walks up says hello to both my friend and I by name and we say hi to him, we know both his sons and used to hang out at his house when we were younger. He asks whats going on and I tell him ask your boy there. So he talks to the off duty and gets his side of whats going on. As were standing there another squad rolls up. I recognised the officer from out at the gun club. Not sure if he's a member but I've seen him out there a couple times when the PD is using our club for training and talked to him once or twice out at the club(where I normaly have the SBR with me all the time). He comes over and starts talking to my buddy and I and asks if he can check out the SBR, I said sure you want to grab it or do you want me to. He says go ahead and grab it. So I bend over to get it and my windbreaker pulls up and exposed the Baby Eagle in my Kramer IWB. I didn't realise it till the he asks me why I'd carry a baby eagle instead of the glock. My first thought was shat, I'm going to catch a CCW charge, oh well. But instead we started talking hand guns. About this time the the first officer comes back and says everything is cool and the off duty was leaving. We then spent the next 45mins discussing the pros/cons of SBRs/pistol cal carbines and shotguns for entry guns a couple of upcomming classes and what all I had on the callahan and why I chose what to put on it. We even talked about how I use the SBR with the can and a .22lr kit for small game hunting(they didn't know it was legal to hunt with an NFA weapon). After all that they left, and we put everything in the house and went about getting the firewood. They never ran the serial numbers on my guns, never even asked to see the NFA paperwork on the guns and never said anything about the CCW execpt asking why I'd carry the baby eagle over the glock. They just said you guys have a good day, sorry about what happened and left when we were done talking. Cool guys, I supose that it helped that I know both of them in some way. I know some of you guys may give me some shat and say I should have just showed the paperwork but I wasn't about to because I don't legaly have to show it even if the officer was on duty, I legaly don't have to show it to him. We did nothing wrong so I wasn't about to show a tax document to someone who had no need to see it legaly. True he could have arrested me, and at some point I would have to produce the paperwork as it's the only defense to prosectution under Wisconsin law for having an NFA controled firearm. You pick and choose your battles, in the end this one was worth making a stand on to me and it worked out for the best, even if he would have arrested me I had my paperwork and would have easily walked on the charges of an illegal machine gun and short barreled rifle because I could prove they were legal and it was legal for me to posses them. * An open carry charge and conviction could have blown a big whole in the current CCW situation based off the Wisconsin Supreme Court's decision in 2003 in State V. Hamdan. Thats why I damn near wanted to catch that charge. Basicly it would have given everyone and anyone the right to claim under the test put forth in the hamdan decision that they had no other resaonable means of carrying under the state constitution's RKBA amendment. But I would have had to be convicted of DC for open carry and appeal it in order for it to be of any good, in reality it would probably be thrown out in court though. So that was my afternoon yesterday, how was everyone elses?
  5. I would have loved to see that, or pics of it. I don't generaly like pits. Actually there is only one pit I like and she belongs to a friend of mine, she thinks she's a freaking lap dog though.
  6. It kind of is though when you really think about it.
  7. Well guys we didn't get to go. Ended up having to work later then normal because we lost power at one of the plants yesterday. So were looking at going sunday.
  8. We checked out the local tech schools and community colleges around the area and no one is offering a FR course. Which they used to on a regular basis. The one were looking at taking is I think a 16 hour course taught by an ER nurse with a lot of certs and training/instructor credentials. The only other option would be an EMT-B course which I've thought about as well. I figure with as much time as I spend in the woods hunting and out shooting I really should have some type of medical skill set. Even if it's just knowing enough to keep someone going till I can pass them off to the pros.
  9. Thanks for all the info and tips guys.
  10. Whats the best way to go about getting one? I tried the website for the state department that handles this stuff and requested it online like 3 months ago and haven't gotten shat yet. Do they take forever and a day or do they just not like me or something? This is the second time I've requested an application and not gotten one sent to me.
  11. So what do I need to know and what do I need to do this. I have the HD for my old computer, but it's got windows 95 on it. This one runs on a differnet windows OS as far as I know. The computer is one of the HP media center computers. If I get you guys the model and all that good crap could someone walk me through hooking up the old HD to try and get this thing running again? I really do want to save the stuff I have on this HD. Heck I'd really like to be able to save the whole thing if possible but I doubt it. I don't have a lot of cash to spend on this so if i can get away with using stuff I have I really need to go that route. Also I don't have a hard copy of the windows version that it uses so could I pretty much be screwed from the get go?
  12. Ok so I was sitting around drinking, and having fun with a bunch of friends yesterday and durring one conversation a friend of mine said she wanted to go shooting cuz it's been a while since she's shot so I said ok I'll take ya. Then one of our other friends mentioned she wanted to go too because she had never shot a gun before. So the three of us are going to go shooting today. :oh yea: I think I'm covered as far as guns to bring. But I'm wondering if I should bring the FA mac 11 with too? What do you guys think? Bring the FA or bring it out the next time she comes out? This is what I'm bringing out for sure. P22 with suppressor G19 Baby Eagle(9mm) SBR'd AR15 and a .22 conversion kit for it. If I have any .40S&W laying around I'll bring the pistol cal upper too. My friend is bringing her Beretta 92 and probably one of her dad's AKs.
  13. Hmmm maybe pull the old HD off my old computer, it died on me too but the power supply died and I was obsolete and I couldn't replace it..... I may have to try that. If only i knew what the hell I was doing though
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