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  1. My first thought was that it looked M&P-ish, ... kind of. Link to the forum where this popped up: http://www.grandpower.eu/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=8 Has anyone seen or handled this pistol in a different caliber? Just F.Y.I.,
  2. Well, it's not like there's NO interest in a hi-cap 10mm on the CZ platform. Speaking of, I'm assuming most here have seen this: "Experimental" 10mm CZ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iIK6cFPevmE
  3. The specific circumstances of Zimmerman's 9mm solution to Martin's "ground & pound" assault make the Stand Your Ground law irrelevant. It doesn't apply to these facts, ... This law only eliminated the prior duty that Fla law imposed on the defender to retreat when confronted. Here, it didn't matter anyway because, being pinned to the ground, neither Zimmerman nor any reasonable person could have "retreated" in that situation. So, yes, Geraldo Rivera is an idiot.
  4. Hard to see but I had my 'smith bob the hammer on my 1006. Also, the same way on my 4566, which you can see a little better ... Hammer bite is eliminated, but there's just enough of a notch left there to cock with.
  5. Anybody tried this load ---> Same bullet, primer, etc., as above (McNett's), except instead of using 800X powder, it's 10.8/10.9gns of AA7. Anyone know velocity, pressure issues? Out of a G20 or G29 ... Thanks!
  6. agtman

    Ok, sexy

    Think I could just "swap it" straight up for The Pig?
  7. Just read this ... wanted to say, thanks for taking the time to keep 10mm folk informed and updated!
  8. Man, that is a smokin'-hot look. Randy (Tex) does great work! Thanks for the pics!
  9. "10mm fans -- The Cartridge or the Novelty?" How 'bout performance? That means real 10mm ammo loaded to real 10mm levels ... with ballistics vetted by firing said ammo in real-world 10mm pistols, and not out of some secret-squirrel test barrel hidden in the dark recesses of a mainstream ammo factory. 'Cause that's where they make .40S&W ammo ...
  10. I don't know. A couple of years back I got a great deal on some Redline 220gn 10mm HC flatnose slugs and started playing around with them in my 610. They shot fine, but I was experimenting with expanding the COAL in the wheelie, so groups varied with the length to which the bullet was long-loaded. More recently, using max loads of AA7, I tried them in my G20 (w/ KKM tube) and G29 (w/ BarSto). They shot better out of the G29. Didn't have a chrono, but these were some pretty stiff loads
  11. Current pricing is $210.00 for barrel, slide & slide internals (not including shipping). I had my G29 done several years back, so it was somewhat cheaper then, but that's what the G20 cost me a few months ago. Robar Price List: http://www.robarguns.com/Robar%20Price%20L...pril%202010.pdf
  12. Robar does great work. Last month they shipped back the slide & barrel to my G20. The NP3 treatment was also applied to the slide internals. About 6 years ago, Robar did the same treatment to my G29. The G20 went from this ... ... to this. Together they look like this: NP3-ed G20 & G29. I recently loaded up about 200-rds of Hornady 200gn FMJ-FPs over AA#7, trying to reach the 1200fps range. I'm looking forward to putting my returned G20 through a high-performance workout. From my experience with the G29, I can tell you that post-shooting clean-ups are a breeze and very quick. The inherent lubricity of the NP3 coating means that grime, powder traces, and other assorted gunk just doesn't stick. You also could probably shoot an NP3-ed gun sans oil, but I still do the one-drop thing out of caution. Just FYI for the group, ...
  13. SBRs are more accurate than AR-users generally give them credit for, although they're not intended for 300-yd engagements. During a training course last year, this student was absolutely *dinging* everything with his 12" SBR (not sure of the make). This pic shows him firing on steel poppers from about 212yds out and I can tell you he made clean and consistent hits.
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