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  1. I love it when people call me out. What do you have a hard time believing? Did you click the link? (hint: it's a book ;)
  2. I was never able to even get through 30min of the first movie, though I tried several times. I just had to turn it off. $12.95
  3. Sh*t We All Get (right sarge?) I'm disappointed, I was hoping for something more like Puffy P Diddle, or Snoopy Dog P P
  4. The the max load called for 12gr and he put 18gr, then that guy got what he deserved. Glad no one else paid for his stupidity.
  5. I took a cycling class in school for the the phys ed reqt. They teach that cyclists should ride out in the road for safety, and not on right next to the curb because cars will often try to pass too close and hit them. I would think that would not apply where there is a bike path, but that might shed some light on why they do that.
  6. There were a lot of DoD jobs in Guam not long ago, I should have applied.
  7. Diggin up bones huh? Well I'll throw my .02 in just for the hell of it. I like the glock 20 because it's plastic, and it will absorb the beating that the 10mm is going to dish out better than a steal frame that was made for lighter calibers (1911). Add price and capacity and other caliber/barrel options to that, and the G20 is a very good starting point for anyone thinking of 10mm.
  8. Those are awesome! Nice work
  9. I don't know what all has been said lately. But I think understand you Red, and I am with you 100%. I view LEOs with great respect as a whole. It takes a lot of guts to do that job. It takes a lot of guts to be a good and honest person in general, as I believe most LEO's are. I can only hope that if an unjust law is ever passed, to the effect that the people are to be disarmed for example, that the brave among the LEOs will have the courage to recognize the injustice and refuse to enforce it. Those who go along with it will be the cowards and goons who hope to protect their jobs, and think that everyone they encounter will role over and be cuffed at the sight of a badge or a gun. I hope they understand that there are many of us who are not cowards, and are willing give our lives to take a stand on the principles of freedom.
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