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  1. This is the support topic for the tutorial carbine castle nut staking. Please post here if you have any questions or feedback.
  2. This is the support topic for the tutorial Tools for working on and building ARs. Please post here if you have any questions or feedback.
  3. This is the support topic for the tutorial Now I'm an AR15 owner, now what?. Please post here if you have any questions or feedback.
  4. gotm4

    Gabrielle Giffords Congressman shot

    If he answered untruthfully on the 4473 for question 11. (e). and he signed the 4473 then he'll be charged with a felony for that as well.
  5. gotm4

    Help with Sig P220 SRT

    It's a little tricky getting the safety lever in correctly. If you're unfamiliar with how a SIG detail strips you should see an authorized LE SIG-Sauer armorer or send it to SIG.
  6. The military stakes there's for a good reason, to not stake it is setting it up for failure down the road. An AR is much like a helicopter there's all kinds of heat and vibration if you've ever seen helicopters there's almost always a secondary means on holding something together. On a carrier key and castle nut torquing (in a perfect world) should hold it but it's the staking which ensures that it stays together.
  7. gotm4

    gas key wiggles a little

    Whenever you encounter a lose carrier key or take one off you should always replace the screws with new ones. I also lap the key on a whetstone to ensure it's flat and then degrease and use Rocksett between the key and on the screw threads. I torque to 50-55in lbs and stake.
  8. gotm4

    Glock 22 Gen 4

    I'm not using any just the bare frame. It about the same size as a gen 1 Glock 17 this way.
  9. gotm4

    Glock 22 Gen 4

    Yesterday morning I fired 500 rounds through my Glock 22 Gen 4. It ran 100%. I have a burn blister on my support hand, a sore knuckle on my shooting hand middle finger from the triggerguard. What I shot: 50 rounds of Magtech 180gr CleanRange 50 rounds of Winchester 180gr FMJ 100 rounds of American Eagle 180 FMJ 150 rounds of Atlanta Arms Ammo 180gr TCJ (minor power factor stuff) 150 rounds of Magtech 180gr FMC The pistol ran great. It's also very accurate and to 25yds my Warrens are dead nuts on. At 50yds I was pulling the groups slightly left but elevation wise the groups were still at the same height as at 25yds. With the Atlanta Arms 180gr minor loads the pistol recoils even less than my S&W M&P Pro with subsonic 147gr and 158gr loads. It felt very odd at first but I could actually feel the pistol going back into battery but at the same moment I could see that the sights were where they needed to be for the next shot. The sights almost don't lift at all with these really light loads. It's happening in miliseconds and takes a little getting used to. What I find truly amazing is that there are no peening marks from the locking block like on Gen 2 and Gen 3 Glock .40s. I also got the gun so hot that the slide stop burned my support hand pretty good. I have a 2nd degree burn on my left hand. So far extremely happy with this pistol. I think Glock did a great job with the improvements. I really like the new mag catch too.
  10. gotm4

    Gas system length

    VLTOR designed this system length specifically for 18" barrels. It's betweeen a midlength and rifle length gas sytem. It's not well known and thus not used much.
  11. gotm4

    Gas system length

    Rifle gas systems work on 18" barrels with a gas port of .100" in most climates. In some really cold climates it's better to use a midlength or intermediate length gas system.
  12. gotm4

    My buddy can't buy a gun

    Being afraid to buy a gun and being denied a gun are two entirely different things. I have good friend who is middle eastern who is a proud American and a FFL/SOT.
  13. IMHO the Geissele is the very best.
  14. gotm4

    Recommendations for bbl (SPR 18")

    I use a WOA SPR 18" rifle gas .223 Wylde 1x7 twist barrel on my 3gun rifle. I turned the barrel down to .650" under the rail and pinned the JP adjustable gas block.
  15. Yeah I'd ditch the CMags for at least now. Get some new Magpul PMAGs or Lancer L5 mags and number them with a Sharpie marker or paint pen. You do this so that when you have future stoppages you can write down what mag it was with and possibly narrow it down to a particular mag.