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  1. I am not the seller nor do I have an interest in this--ust wish I had the cash to buy it. http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.asp?Item=55404543
  3. Sounds like all on this board are ready to join the handloading club. At the prices for a box of 50--handloading merits your consideration--startup costs might be costly-dies scale press brass and bullets--but in the long run these are recouped and you have the add's benefit of finding that pet load your handgun likes JMHO. BTW this is the 1st round I started using a progressive press to load and I cranked out about 1K rounds in 2 or 3 nights. IT IS WORTH A LOOK
  4. Like many on this forum last January, i saw the special that this outfit put up on the forum site and ordered about 1000 rds of 180 Zero jhps. I am a handloader and love to load and shoot the 10. However given the time constraints of work limiting my time at the loading bench and the reasonable price --I did what I usually do not and took a chance on remanufactured ammo. I placed the order in January and did not hear from the outfit for three months in spite of repeated phone calls and e mails. Not a word. Then the ammo showed up and my cc was charged. Approximately one week later I took approximately 50 Rds to the range and fired these out of a Smith 610-1.These did well accuracy wise. Until today I did not really notice the condition of the ammo until I began boxing it up. There were deep scratches on the brass --not the usual dings and even a split case or two. And a couple of uncrimped rounds. Then I checked Lancer out on this and one other forum and the accounts of the service and its responsibility for KBs gave me cause for concern. Their website is nonexistant. Havent used any of their stuff in any of my autoloaders and with the posts I have seen about them here or on other forums--my question is whether anyone has had a KB with their 10mm stuff made since they advertised here in January? I am sure that I could use the stuff in the revolver but would like to shoot it in my autoloaders. Would appreciate any feedback from you.
  5. If you cannot get them at Impact--try Ken Hammerman guns4sale E-mail Address: guns4sale@bellsouth.net His prices are very reasonable.
  6. One can never have enough 10's or gunz for that matter :biggrin:
  7. I added a compact wonder finish witness to my repitoire of tens and took it to the range a couple of weeks ago. The mag that held 13 rds functioned flawlessly the other had problems with the spring. As far as performance--sht the p---ss out of it with my full power loads and knocked metallic chickens down at 50 yds. All in all not a bad piece--guess I lucked out and got a decent one in comparison with the ones the horror stories are about in this thread :bowdown:
  8. I owned an Omega two tone I purchased New in the box in '90. It was ported as were the other two I have owned(only have one left).
  9. Since I assume the Omega is a Linkless design, I would contact Peters Stahl directly. Richard, Mühlfried E-mail Address(es): richardmuehlfried@peters-stahl.com
  10. Add to my list-- DW Patriot Commander(pre CZ) AMT/IAI Automag IV in 10mm Magnum EAA Witness-Compact
  11. I ordered 100 rds of bulk 180 g JHP--two weeks ago. They told me that it would ship out in a week.--two weeks ago. I have called every day for the last week and have also sent the several e mails--to no avail. WHat is up with these people. Is there no honor in keeping one's word anymore?
  12. I think that this revolver tames the recoil one feels when shooting the same hot load out of an autoloader. Just my opinion of course. Plan to try and bust some Javalinas with mine.
  13. The 10mm info site to which you refer in saying that parts are unavailable is Gary N's excellent 10mm site. It was true that parts were unavailable back then. That is not the case today. In examining the guide rod on my SA linkless, I noticed wear and tear on the portion of the guide rod near the slot where the slide stop pin is inserted which is very thin. The new version of the guide rod "squares off" the extra metal used to reinforce this thin spot--the design looks strong but only time and several trials by fire will tell the truth.
  14. Welcome aboard-- I guess you found out that the 10mm stuff is kinda pricey. The alternative is to make your own if you plan to shoot a lot. It is laees expensive and you can load your rounds as lite or as hot (within SAAMI specs) as you like. you will find that you will find a pet load the Glock "likes" and that your groups might be a tad smaller than factory loads. Just a suggestion. Enjoy the Glockie-- A sturdy and reliable piece.
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