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  1. Update w/ price drop... To the folks that PM'd me, sorry it took me so long....
  2. This has been sold. Hello all, I have a VERY GOOD condition (90+%) Smith and Wesson 1006 10mm for sale. It has appx 400 rounds down range. It comes with the original (a little rough around the edges) box, the owners manual, warranty booklet, warranty card, original grips (not installed), Houge grips (installed), factory adjustable sights, 2 magazines. I have mostly kept this gun in the safe, it goes to the range once (or twice) a year, and gets a bit of exercise. $675 plus shipping NOW $650 plus shipping....OBO Thanks for looking
  3. WOW!!!! :eek_yello: :eek_yello: I guess I have been lucky with both of my Witness 10's. I have only had one(1) single FTE, and that was the very first round after I put the 20# wolff spring in. Never a FTF. Sorry to hear about the problems others have had.
  4. SOLD, Mods/Admins feel free to delete/archive post. I have decided it is time to thin the herd a little. I most likely will regret this later, but..... For Sale: Delta Gold Cup, stainless. Has minor wear, overall in very good shape. No cracks or similar damage that I can see or am aware of. Has some "after market" parts. Missing original bushing, and grips. Has full length 2pc Ed Brown buffer guide rod, also have OEM assm. Unfortunately no box/papers/etc. I got it used(not abused) so I can't tell you round count, but I personally have only put 32 rounds down range. SOLD. Other pics available upon request. I work full+ time and take night classes, so if I don't get additional pics to you quickly or reply to PM's/emails right away please be patient. SPF Thanks for looking, Mike
  5. I will actually be posting some Sunday when I list my DGC for sale.... ETA: She's not as pretty as some around here, but here is a pic or 4 anyhoo....
  6. Just an update.... The firearm in question is a Delta Gold Cup (left side roll marks), Gold Cup National Match (right side) stainless. It is in good condition, but lacking in some areas... It has an aftermarket compensator bushing, and aftermarket "extended" slide stop, also Hogue grips. I would like to get "oem" parts to replace the aftermarket parts. As an aside: I plan on putting the full length recoil guide and 24# spring in but I have a couple of questions... I am a total noob with anything 1911ish. Is the full length rod just that, full length? or are we talking about a standard Govt model recoil rod...also what is all this about 2pc rods and single piece? Sorry but I just don't know about 1911 things. I do have shock-buffs on the way, what else do I "need" to do? Thanks in advance....
  7. I guess I should update the list.... G29 G20 Witness Fullsize Witness Compact S&W 1006 S&W 610
  8. I have done some searching here and the web in general and have only come up with airsoft.....gunbroker etc have had .45 gold cups, and "regular" Deltas.... Custom parts aside, what is the proper price range on a SS Delta Elite National Match Gold Cup?
  9. I carry the 29 and use a 20 mag with AG extender for the spare. Haven't had any troubles out of it yet.....
  10. This one of us did..... I too would like to see a S&W 1911 in 10. I know the 1911 thing has been done, but some of us haven't been able to aquire one yet..
  11. I am the proud owner of a new 610 :evil: and was wondering..... Does anyone make speed loaders? I have done some searching and can find lots of pretty full moon clips, but have not seen a single speed loader. Did anyone make them when the 610 was "new"?
  12. I just picked mine up last Friday, 6 1/2" barrel was 849.00.
  13. While the dual spring may be a good thing, it doesn't "feel" strong enough. I only base that on the feel of the fullsize w/20# vs. the compact while manually operating the slide. Maybe under "proper" recoil it will work wonders... Yes, a spring inside another, non-captured recoil assm. I haven't gotten in touch with EAA yet. I ordered the compact this week, and picked it up Sat evening, no one was open to call. I do plan to call EAA Monday and see if they offer a heavier setup. I will call Mr Semm and get his input. I will try to get a pic of said recoil assm. today. Thanks all Mike
  14. Hey all! Ok, first off I did the search and found some of my answers, now on to the ones I didn't find..... I am having trouble finding a proper replacement recoil spring. I put a Wolff 20# in my full size and am quite pleased. Here is my problem on the compact. I went to the Wolff site and found this: My new compact 10mm has the double recoil set up. When I go to the EAA site the diagram only shows the single spring set up, ditto at e-gunparts. Is the double spring assm. an "new" thing? If so, can anyone tell me if the "old" set up is still available? Does anyone know if there is a stronger set up for the double spring set up? Thanks in advance, myk
  15. I have been thinking on the same lines. My original idea was to get a 'smith to cut the dovetail. Then I got to thinking about my G29 and the TFOs, and have been wondering if just shaving the front blade off the Witness, then drilling a "mount hole" like a Glock. I would imagine (and I am NO expert) that it would be "easier" on the tools, and a rear adjustable sight could offset any difference in the front sight height. So does anyone know a great gunsmith?
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