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  1. Thanks so much for your answer, owning a ported gun would simply be something different for me, since I've never owned one before. So I thought it would be nice.
  2. It's been awhile, but I've got to ask, how does everyone feel about their G-20C's? Is there less felt recoil? Is there less velocity?
  3. Charles I agree with you concerning the 10mm, vrs .40 S&W cases. The 10mm is so much of a BETTER cartridge. This week I hope I'll be able to try out a G-20, at a local indoor range.
  4. You may want to try moly coated slugs. I've head nothing bad about going with moly, no lead build up.
  5. I hope you like your G-29, and yes I want one. Now, my idea would be to use XS express sights and I would go with the smaller sights. The Ashely Express sights are really fast I have them on my BHP .40 S&W. On since the G-29 is ideal for competition and self defence XS sights would be ideal.
  6. Thanks, now what I've got to do is rent one from one of the ranges, and then get one with the right price. Thank you Scott for welcoming on board, and I'm hoping I can reload for the 10mm someday.
  7. I'm new to this forum, so I just started browsing, I 've got a 1911 Delta elte, and I really like it and just got to thinking about how nice it be to maybe add a G-29 to the collection. Now I really enjoy my G-30 but I've to ask how does the G-29 stack up against the my G-30, other than caliber. Does the 10mm beat up the Glock a little more than the .45ACP? Is the recoil way to much over the .45ACP? And what about over all performance issues? Is there any controversy dealing with shooting out of battery or unsupported chamber issues? How about overall indurance with over a thousand rounds of 10mm fired the G-29 or G-20 for that matter? Thanks so much, and Scott, thank you for letting me know about this forum.
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