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  1. Ruger is making a Super Redhawk in 10MM.
  2. nevadajohn

    Ruger SR1911 10mm

    Ruger is making the Redhawk in 10MM.
  3. nevadajohn

    S&W 1006 for sale/sold

    S&W 1006 for sale 98% with Hogue grips and factory grips,eight magazines.No box $850 . Pix available on request This gun is sold
  4. nevadajohn

    G29SF plug

    Who makes a backstrap plug that fits flush for G29SF?
  5. nevadajohn

    Glock G31 For sale-----Sold

    Glock G31 357 Sig With box and papers.One ten round mag. $400 plus $25 shipping.Photos on request. nevadajohn@charter.net
  6. nevadajohn

    S&W heard the call

    I fired a 325 in .45 auto,wow the recoil was punishing,I couldn't belive it.I'd hate to see a 10MM or .41 mag on the same frame.I think it's the same frame as the TRR8.
  7. nevadajohn

    G29 SF picatinny rail

    Check out Topglock for a picture of G29 SF with rail.
  8. Does anyone know if the full rail G29 SF will fit a regular holster?
  9. Has anyone seen a G29 SF in OD green?
  10. I had a Bar-sto barrel for my G20C,it was very accurate,but failed to lock up everytime.I've been using a KKM in my G31C,it's been flawless.I have a Lone Wolf .40 on order,we'll see.
  11. nevadajohn

    Question about Glock 20 Accuracy

    Get rid of the stock sights,they suck.I use truglo,but any with a thin front sight and square rear are good.I also have a 3.5 ghost trigger.
  12. nevadajohn

    New Glock 29SF.....pics

    I was going to ask what the difference was between the G29 and G29sf,but I'll have to get one.I have no problem with my G30.
  13. nevadajohn

    Magnum primers

    I have some magnum small rifle primers.Can I interchange these with regular primers for .223 loads?