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  1. Eh why not a USP compact? That or sig. Why a 9mm on a plane? Isn't that a little high velocity?
  2. Comp Tac CTAC. Just got it today. Seems to work well with my shorts and tshirt
  3. Yea, I'd like to reload, but I'm not sure if I have the space. Kind of limited in that realm right now. Hopefully, the .22 conversion kit will help mitigate that. Handloading is a skill I'd like to learn though . . . .
  4. Ok good to see I have the right ideas. I had a crummy day at the range on Sunday. I never thought about mixing snapcaps in with real ammo. Hmmm . . . . may try that. Glad to see I'm on the right track with the .22 conversion kit too.
  5. I did put in my post that I was gonn buying the .22 conversion kit. THis would enable me to practice with the same grip I'd be using. Is there something I don't know? Should I know be buying the kit? What kind of equipment would I need to hand load?
  6. Hey all. First post, yada yada yada. I first heard about the 10mm Auto cartridge here (PS - I have the same SN there too) Anyway, I did some searches and looked at all the stats I could. And I guess I gotta agree with the 10mm. Seems it has a lot of weight but also a lot of velocity. Then my HS physics kicked in and I was like duh. So I bought a Glock 20 (3rd Gen) last week. Unfortunately, its not here yet :glare: Some issue over an FFL (this is why FFL's should NOT be allowed to go on vacation!! :yar: ) This is my second pistol. My first is a HK P2000 in 9mm. Well I like it, and will use it to get better with. But I wanted something with a little more kick. So I got the Glock. And I'm thinking of getting the AA conversion kit to practice more. Is there anything special I should know? It seems that Double Tap is the place to go to get ammo. Do I need an FFL to get ammo or can it be sent right to my house? What type of 10mm ammo for practice? As I scroll through DT's site, I'm leaning pretty heavily towards the 200gr ammo. But can I practice with these?? They're cheaper, thats why I'm asking Well I guess thats it for my first post. When I get my Glock, I'll post some pics. And I'll try not to be too much of a bother here :biggrin:
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