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  1. bettysnephew

    You'd need a shotgun for these fish!

    Years ago, here in Iowa the DNR had partially drained an artificial lake and wanted to do a total kill in order to get rid of rough fish before refilling and restocking. In order to do this, they spread Rotenone (spelling?) powder on the surface. I think it is a bug killer used in gardens. The reaction of the fish was very similar, they did not want to be in the water any more. I remember the boats coming in with many fish that had jumped over the gunwales. The reaction when this was added was very quick and fish were flying everywhere.
  2. Looking through some older posts, the creator of this combo is on this list as CO Steve. Give him a try for further info.
  3. The slide is the one listed for a 45. At this point, the 10mm specific slide is not available. The KKM 45/10mm barrel locking block is made to fit the slightly wider 45 slide ejection port. A 10mm Glock barrel does not fit this conversion, however the cartridge case is better supported on the KKM barrel so there is less chance of rupture with high pressure loads. That wider barrel locking block is why I can convert back and forth between 10mm and 45 with just a recoil spring and barrel change. Obviously, the mags are also caliber specific. Lone Wolf sells the slide for $549. FWIW with the better supported 45 barrel, 45 Super becomes a caliber option also. If you really want more information on this conversion Colorado Glocker on Glock Talk under The 10 Ring is who turned me on to it and is extremely helpfull. He built the first one and has several ways to get to the finished product. If this is a violation to mention another site, I appologize to the moderators, but I did not want to take credit for someone elses' developement work.
  4. Actually, I just completed the build on a 10mm longslide. Used a G21 frame, Lone Wolf Dist. slide and KKM 6" barrel. Will also have the 45 barrel for it soon. The assembly was very easy and I had no problem manually breaking it in. Now if this Iowa weather would get out of the single digits, and work would let up a bit, I would go out and break it in with a few hundred standard loads before seeing what the DT will do.
  5. bettysnephew

    "Armorer's school" story going strong

    I know that S&W is in the process or has just completed changing it's distribution policies. The guys who used to visit the gun shops and make sales are going to be/have been replaced by S&W employees. So I know for a fact that some of the samples that the ex guys carried have or will be coming up for sale. Don't know if these were marked or not. I do see the rep once in a while and will try to find out.
  6. bettysnephew

    G29 at local funshop

    Thanks TG: Thanks for the information. Looked again today and decided to wait. Concealability isn't a big thing and a few too many mods had been done to it. I am envious of your present home town and hope to relocate to NM upon retirement. Had an aunt and uncle and inlaws in Alamogordo and in Albuquerque, just loved visiting the areas. Also had an extended stay in the Sipapu area a couple of years ago that clinched it for me. Never seen sky like that before, let alone the scenery. Best always. David
  7. Looked at a G29 at the local shop and it is really nice. Night sights 2 mags, box. I am assuming it is a 3rd gen as it has finger notches on the grips. Anything I should look for before buying? He is asking $515, but I think there is a bit of room to dicker. Serial # is EGN 3XX if this helps.
  8. Looks like the perfect use of "M***hole" to quote my buddy Jeff from Maine. Don't really know why, but all of the people I know from Maine call them that. Course then again, I'm just a corn fed Iowa boy, so what would I know?
  9. bettysnephew

    What the hell is Kahr Arms thinking?

    And so far, no reply from their director of marketing....
  10. bettysnephew

    What the hell is Kahr Arms thinking?

    I for one sent an email to their Marketing Director marking my displeasure with this silly ad. If you would also like to comment let frankharris@kahr.com <frankharris@kahr.com> know your feelings. David Regarding your animation clip: http://www.kahr.com/dl_anim.html This is one of the most revolting uses of animation I have come across. It not only degrades our brave soldiers of WW2 (of which my father was one) by making them look like a bunch children out on a field trip and being slaughtered by the "Super Nazi", it also demeans your customers by relating them to "Bubba". Is that what your company thinks all of us are? A bunch of Bubbas? Please let me know so I can vote with my dollars on any future purchases. I was considering one of your weapons for concealed carry, but with this type of advertising, am not sure I want to be associated with your products. The liberal press does a good enough job of attempting to demean gun owners as a group of less than desirable people to be in society without the help of the gun manufacturers dreaming up idiotic campaigns such this. You might want to check to see if your writer of this piece of garbage belongs to one of the anti gun groups that are so bent upon removing our ability to even own your product, let alone making your customers look like a group of fools. David Fellmet XXXX XXXXX XXXXXXXX Cedar Rapids, IA 52402
  11. Am looking for a few parts for my new to me Delta Elite. Grips, springs and a couple of other small parts. I will probably do some upgrades later, but want to get it running stock before doing that, and don't have a round count so I just figured I'd go at it this way. Does Colt still stock the parts for the DE or is there somewhere else I should contact?