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  1. That would work if Glock's did not have such a horrible grip angle. Also for some reason I just cannot bring my self to buy a striker fired pistol.
  2. dcbridgwater


    Good Luck and be safe!
  3. dcbridgwater


    The magazine wells are different. At the bottom the 1066 is .525" wide with 2 milled slots for the magazine nubs to go in, and the 4566 is .573" while the 10mm magazine nubs are .609" wide so even if you were able to get the 10mm mags in the 4566 they would still be to sloppy to latch becouse the magazine opening at the top of the frame is also different, at the top the 1066 is .526" and the 4566 is .573". So it looks like the magazine nubs are there to prevent you from putting the 10mm mag in the 4566 not to center the mag in the 4566 sized mag opening. So it looks like the best you could do is run the 10mm in the 45 magazine and hope for the best.
  4. dcbridgwater


    My 1066 slide fits nicely on my 4566 frame, but magazines might be an issue, even if you were to grind off the nubs on the 10mm magazine it think it would be to sloppy for the magazine to catch right. I did try hand cycling 10mm rounds through the 45 magazine and it seemed OK. But reliability might be an issue, I guess it might be possible to reform the magazine lips a little. One thing I have been wanting to try is to try putting a 4013 top end on my 4516-1 frame and have the barrel reamed to 10mm and see if the 45 magazine lips could be reformed and then I would have the equivalent of a 1016. The top end fits on the frame but I have not yet gotten brave enough to actually do it.
  5. dcbridgwater

    .223 vs 5.56 in a new rifle?

    As an AR newb what is the best way to find out if your rifle is chambered for 223 or 5.56? I have a rifle that sayes 223 on the lower reciever but I am pretty sure that the upper is not the original. So is there a gauge you can buy to find out if it a true 5.56 chamber? Thanks in advance! Dale
  6. dcbridgwater

    New Ruger 10/22, Plastic?

    I was in the gun shop today and I was looking a a new Ruger 10/22. Is the reciever and trigger group now made out of plastic? It looks pretty wimpy compaired to my old 10/22. If they are plastic I am not sure I want one. Thanks, Dale
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    Welcome to the forum,
  8. dcbridgwater

    Remington 870 conversion question

    What is the prefered method of removing the dimples? Do you just grind them off or is there some tool to press them back out? Thanks, Dale
  9. dcbridgwater

    Power Pistol

    Is there any reason why Speer Reloading Manual #14, Alliant Reloaders Guide and Alliant web site do not have a listing for Power Pistol and 180g bullets? Since it is there product do they know something about it and that it is not a good combination. I seen that many are using it ok but it still has me wondering if it is a bad idea. Thanks for any ideas, Dale
  10. dcbridgwater

    How to change SW1006 Grips HELP

    The Houge has an adapter that has 2 screws to hold on the grips. To go back to stock remove the 2 screws and grip panels then you will see that the adapter is held in with a pin, push out pin and remove black plastic adapter and install factory grips using that pin. Dale
  11. dcbridgwater

    Stippling...cheap not-so-easy, but I like it

    Looks good! You have more patience then me.
  12. dcbridgwater

    My Babys BACK

    Nice looking Delta!
  13. Hello to all you reloading experts! I have been thinking it is time to replace my old balance beam scale with an electronic scale. Having a hard time deciding between Dillon's D-Terminator, Dillon Precision and UniqueTek's High-Precision Electronic Powder Scale UniqueTek.com I have not had any experiance with electronic scales and was wondering if anyone could shed some wisdom on this. From what I have read alot of peaple like the Dillon scale, but I have not seen reports on UniqueTek and was wonderingif it is possible for a scale to be too precise, to the point it becomes a pain to use. Thanks in advance, Dale
  14. Hello, As long as questions are being asked about Para P16 conversions, how about this one. Has anyone successfully converted a Para Ordance P16 with the PXT Power Extractor to 10mm? Thanks, Dale
  15. dcbridgwater

    Add yourself to the 10mmTalk map!

    :biggrin: Done