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  1. I know what you are talking about. I've owned multiples of several of them, but off the top of my head, the centerfire 3rd Gen Smith autos I've owned: 3913, 3953, 3954, 6906, 6946, 4506, 5906, 5903, 5946, 5943, 4006, 4003, 4046, 4043, 1006, 4013, 4013TSW, 5903TSW, and more I'm sure I've forgotten. That was mostly at one time, too. Now, I don't have any. I've just found that I prefer striker fired pistols more. I do still have one 2nd Gen 645, though, but I gave it to my father.
  2. You'll have fun with it. My neighbor sold me a 6" 6-shot pre-lock 617 for $175 because it was missing the rear sight and he liked his 4" 10-shot better. About six months later, he offered me his 4" 10-shot pre-lock 617 for $300 because he wanted to "upgrade" to one with the internal lock! Makes me wish I had another neighbor like that on the other side of me instead of 400 acres of farmland!
  3. Exactly. Although I carry 124-127gr +P or +P+ personally, at work, we use 147gr 9mm Ranger SXT's. Out of hundreds of Glock 17's (both 2nd and 3rd Gens) and many thousands of rounds per year, I rarely, if ever, see a malfunction. I feel that with the evolution of modern hollow point designs, the 147gr 9mm JHP has become a more effective round than it used to be, but it still isn't the preferred weight.
  4. Overall, I like things as simple and light as possible, but there are a few accessories I add on, if they serve a purpose. My main AR, for example, is my SBR. I added a YHM FF modular forend. I really don't like quad rails, since most of the rail space isn't utilized, unless you are bolting everything you can afford onto it. As long as I can attach a light and possibly a VFG, I'm happy. I also like using an optic. We use EoTechs at work, but I'm partial to Trijicon Reflex sights. Using the optic, I also have a BUIS system in place, in case the optic gets damaged, fogged up, etc. My AK? a stock Polytech Legend. FAL? The only addition is a DSArms scope mount to mount an optic. I remember one carbine class I took that I was one of the few people with s fairly stripped down AR. The others all had every inch of the rails filled with crap they had absolutely no use for. Hell, one guy not only had a light mounted (which I do feel is a good idea), but he had a second light mounted to the opposite side in case the first one went down! He had a Trijicon ACOG mounted as a primary optic, with another small dot sight on a 45 degree rail, so he could tilt the carbine sideways and use that for closer shots. Don't forget the 3 point sling he used, or I should say tried to use, that he got tangled up in at every transition. He really held the class up since his carbine would not function. I don't know if he ever cleaned or lubed the AR, and he was totally unfamiliar with weapon manipulation. He may have thought he looked really cool, but he only fired the AR twice before coming to the class.
  5. Like I said before, I'm issued a Safariland 6004 drop leg for work. I see a lot of people using drop legs who don't really have a need for them, and don't know how to properly use them, either. I definately feel that's where half of the problem arises from. If I didn't wear so much more crap on my belt (I don't like wearing a tac vest), I'd use a standard duty belt 6004 instead. I also have to laugh when I see people wearing them extremely low on their leg. I've seen some people actually have to bend to the side to reach their pistol since it's down by their knees. Mine rides as high as possible while still clearing everything else on my belt. Anyway, back to the point. Everything mechanical can and sometime will fail. I don't care if it's a Serpa or a 6004, if it locks up, you aren't going to be able to retrieve your pistol. I've proven that before, unfortunately.
  6. I have yet to speak to someone who has personally had a Serpa fail, in Iraq, Afghanistan, in a class or on the street. Everyone hears about how bad the Serpa is and unreliable, but nobody has actually had it happend to them. The video the OP posted a link to is a joke. Yes, something jammed, but we don't know the details of this at all. For all we know it could be a total setup. Anything mechanical can fail sometime. As I said in my previous post, my Safariland 6004 locked up solid, rendering my sidearm useless. I'm just happy it happened at the range and not someplace serious. I've trained with my Serpa in much dustier and windier environments and it didn't lock up. For a serious look at the posted video, look here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hS4TfxiFp1E...feature=related
  7. Apex Tactical is the company to get your trigger upgrade parts from. With their parts, if you really wanted to, you could get your trigger down below 3 pounds, but it's too light for me. I did shoot my friend's M&P like that. They also have their RAM. It makes the reset feel like a Glock, if you use trigger reset. Their newest product, which is in pre-production now, gives the M&P a trigger just like a tuned 1911. I haven't tried it yet, but my friend got to play with it at SHOT a few weeks ago.
  8. There's one shop around me who's owner has a connection at Wal Mart. As soon as they get a new shipment in, he goes down and buys it all, marks it up, then sells it at his shop to the desperate people around who need ammo. I've never been to his shop and I won't go. My local Wal Mart just started carrying ammo after not having it for about two years. For the price they want, I'm glad I cast my own bullets and reload for every handgun I shoot.
  9. My father has a CS40 and likes it. Personally, since the 4013 is almost the same size, and in my opinion much more ergonomic, I'd pass on the CS Series.
  10. I always keep a few extra boxes of .45 in the truck. When I go on vacation, I have a 500 round case in the back.
  11. That's what we use for training ammo at work. In hundreds of thousands of rounds, I've found one crushed case from when the bullet was seated.
  12. For carry, I use 147gr Winchester Ranger JHP's, pretty much since that's what we are issued at work. For practice ammo, I cast 147gr bullets from wheelweight alloy and a Lyman mould. I used to cast 130gr TC bullets, but all of my 9mm's fed them well except for my BHP. Everything likes the shape of the 147gr cast.
  13. Where I live in MA, we have five clubs within 20 minutes of my house. At least 10 within an hour. Annual dues range from $15/year to $150/year. I've been a member of the five closest to me, and the only restrictions at one of them was no shooting outdoors during school hours. Understandable, since there's an elementary school across the street. I left one of the clubs after they prohibited full auto fire. The club I belong to now has two trap and two skeet fields, two 25 yard outdoor pistol ranges with covered shooting positions if you want to use them, a new 50 yard deep x 25 yard wide pistol range, 100 and 200 yard rifle ranges (with benches and a roof), 24 hour access to the clubhouse and 50 foot indoor pistol range. The club is extremely MG friendly, too. The only restriction they have is no tracer ammo. It was fine until someone lit the rifle range on fire a few years back. The best part about this range is that 90% of the time, you have the whole club to yourself, indoors or outdoors. There are less than 100 members. It costs $130/year and is only 10 minutes from my house. Sure, I may be in MA, but it's nothing like Eastern MA out here. I just wish they would continue the VT/NH border right down to CT and let Vermont absorb us. 99% of the people out here in W. MA think a lot more like people in VT or NH than the idiots that outvote us in the Eastern part of the state.
  14. Since I bought the Supetuck, I bought a customized Colt 1991A1 "Compact" (Officer's Model). With the shorter grip, the Supertuck works well.
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