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  1. Tucker gun leather makes a really nice leather holster. You can use 4506 for size reference if 1006 is not listed. Kramer leather is also excellent. I have both of the listed holsters.
  2. I never cared for the Hogue grips. S&W made a curved backstrap Delrin grip for the 4506 & 10mm series. The FBI palm swell grips are no longer available from what I hear. Glad I purchased 4-5 pair before they went out of production.
  3. I have a few 10mm also 3 1006 3 1026 2 1046 3 1066 4 1076 1 FBI 1 1086 1 Glock #20 1 Glock #29 1 S&W 610 4"
  4. For the S&W 10 series you can substitute for the 5" series use 4506 the 4 1/4 the 4566 will work. Kramer will make a holster for the 10's. I have a few kydex also. quote name='dj454' date='November 24th 2012 3:25 PM' post='2060703'] I picked up a Wild Bills paddle holster today for the 1086. The Sig P220 holster fits perfectly. I am very happy with it. Now I know if I ever find a 1076 I can find a holster I like.
  5. I thought that the VSP guns were all marked VSP. Did they have any that did not have any markings??
  6. I would get a new spring. The 1006 is a great gun. I have four of them. If you still don't like it someone on the forum will take if off your hands.
  7. Agree with shadow, I have an FBI 1076 and three civilian models. There is really no difference between any of the guns. I paid 375 for my FBI but 750-800 would be a fir price for the gun.
  8. I have purchased the mag followers and springs from S&W. It is a hit & miss if they have them in stock.
  9. The yellow followers were the original. The white one replaced them. I have both and they work fine.
  10. This was more common with the 1006. I have not heard of the 1076 having this combination. Check with the factory or have the gun lettered. This will show how the gun was configured when it was produced. My guess they had extra blued parts.
  11. I really like the 10 series S&W's. I have 13 now and am working a line on another FBI 1076. My favorite caliber to load and shoot. Many of my collection were not shot much at all. I assume that the high cost of ammo kept alot of these guns from being shot much.
  12. The only way to confirm is a letter from S&W, if you have the blue box it may say FBI on it as mine does. THe cross checkering is a good indicator but not a sure thing. Mag disconnect also does not confirm FBI either.
  13. I was going to say its worth double the asking price,,,buy buy buy you won't have any regrets.
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