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  1. I like the 10mm for the simple fact that it's a cartridge that can run 135-230 grain bullets. What other auto cartridge does that? Not many. Boom is nice, all range junkies like that, but no one ever helps pick up the brass that's tossed 20+ feet. If it became the norm like a 9mm/40/45, I'd love it. Free brass at the range and decent prices at the counter. jeepmor
  2. Being a guy who started single stage, then bought a piggyback (used, good buy, oodles of other stuff came with it.) thinking it would cut it as a progressive. I'd do it different now. I'd buy a decent used single stage as cheap as possible, then, once proficient, buy something like a Dillon or Hornady LNL AP, maybe even an RCBS Pro 2000. On the Pro 2000, I just like how the powder measure stays on the press instead of on the die plates. This particular part really appeals to me at present, plus, my piggyback die plates are compatible. However, the Hornady LNL bushings have me thinking that will be a better long term investment in setup time savings and efficiency. A LNL bushing for the single stage makes setup a rare thing. Using the press is where your time is spent, not getting it adjusted just properly. Those LNL bushings save oodles of setup time. I'll be making the plunge to a progressive within a year or so. The more I dig on sites like this and THR, the more I learn.
  3. You are effectively shooting 40S&W power levels in the Remington ammo. For true 10mm performance, try Double Tap, Georgia Arms or Reeds Ammo. There are others, but these have always gotten good reviews amongst 10mm fans. I have not tried Georgia Arms personally, but Double Tap and Reeds are great and offer a good variety of ammo to choose from. As a reloader, I take note that they use Starline brass. If you don't reload, you might consider it because this round will definitely make reloading equipment pay for itself. Double Tap 10mm page Georgia Arms 10mm Reeds Ammo 10mm page
  4. My Taurus PT145 does that, shot thousands of rounds, literally, never been an issue. Cleanlieness did not make a difference. I've even found brass on a return trip to the range and figured it was mine from overlooking it the first time. Never seen it on my 10mm guns though, or any of the other pistols I have. I wouldn't worry about it too much, but I would make sure things are clean. Beyond that, I've got nothing that hasn't been mentioned.
  5. Thank you T, I was going to chime in regarding this with some math, but you beat me to it. And now I don't have to dig it up myself. Also, what many folks don't have an inkling of understanding about, and convolutes the stuff even more, is that gravity is different at different elevations. This is due to the bodies gravitational pulll being a function of the distance they are apart from each other, one of Mr. Newtons findings. But that's academics and pretty much in the minutiae of insignificant details when dealing with firearm ballistics on our planet. Should you plan to fire the 10mm on Mars, then we'll cross that bridge at that time. Now, if your trying to accelerate your space probe as it passes a planet, then it's very significant how close you get your probe to the planet to accelerate it. At that scale, you're measuring in miles, even hundreds of miles. But again, that's academics, and truly is the stuff of rocket science. Way too much to consider for ballistics, but fun stuff to talk about in the right circles. Me, I like the 10mm for the power, it's a whomper of a round. But, as a reloader, I find the brass can be ejected quite a ways making it difficult to find when your outdoors. And yes, I'd much rather have a 10mm pistol on my hip out in the woods of the PNW than my 45 should a bear or cougar decide to ignore their typical "let's avoid each other" etiquette.
  6. How's that, a 6" barreled hunter for the price beyond most race guns? Okay, you go ahead. Better shoot tacks at 50 yards then.
  7. Being your in one of the two free states in America in regards to guns, I wouldn't worry about a thing and just carry what you want. As for Kahr, a friend has one and I'll have to concur, their pretty sweet little pistols and amazingly compact. His is a .40, a bit jumpy, but not bad. He put a Hougue handall on it and it mellowed out recoil considerably.
  8. this is an excellent question for 1911tuner on Thehighroad.org. If you use the search, I bet you can find the answer for I recall seeing a rather elaborate thread on the details of just this question. Hope this helps, jeepmor
  9. I have no info, but I suspect a parts swap was done with a similar modelled pistol. I'd suggest you contact S&W with an inquiry. You may have a rare or custom model on your hands.
  10. We all have to learn on our own. After being dropped like a hot rock as a hunting partner by my stepdad as a kid when his kid came of age two years later, I always missed those opportunities to further build those relationships. That's not my fault, it's his. He's still an ornery, self-centered cuss, I can't help that. Like many things however, participating together is more gratifying than doing it all alone, even if you have to overlook some things you don't agree with. Oh well, such is life. She's at the age that lessons stick, decisions are difficult, you make them and keep moving. Learn as you go.
  11. It's not NIB, just refinished by S&W per the seller. It just looks new. As stated, had the seller not stated it was refurbed, you'd have thought it was NIB and the seller put just one mag through it. I found some mags. Got five coming. Now, how do I improve this trigger. Compared to my Witness, it's pretty lacking.
  12. James M. Long Run Trade Co. 1007 Stoney Creek Rd. Carlisle, KY 40311. jjmitchell60@msn.com "IF you know of anyone needing any of them, I have at least 20 more. These fit all 10xx series S&W 10mm." I discussed the e-mail issue with Mr. Mitchell and he stated it's okay to post it since it's his business email account. Good luck, get in fast, they're going quick. jeepmor
  13. I'm surfing the net for a G29, but I'm thinking I'd like a .40 barrel for it for training courses that require me to use factory ammo. I'd carry it for self protection in 10mm mode loaded with Mr. McNetts finest. But for training purposes where I can't use reloads, I just can't see having to leave 500 rounds of 10mm brass on the ground during training. :nonono: It just goes against my reloading nature is all. That shouldn't be a surprise on this forum. Same question for the S&W 1076. I don't anticipate participating in this training until February or later. If such barrels do exist, I want to acquire them a month or two ahead of time and get lots of trigger time in before hand to insure flawless function before any training courses are attended. The last thing I want is hold up a class by having a less than rock solid firearm to train with. Just curious if such a beast exists for I don't see anything offered for either, but I'm not real sure where to look either. I did check out Storm Lake and they offer nothing in regards to the G29.
  14. I just bought a freshly S&W refurbished 1076. It looks brand new with the exception of the test firing. Anyhow, it only came with one magazine. All ads I'm finding here are a year or older, so I thought I'd toss this one out. I won't post my e-mail or contact number here for fear of spaminators, however, please PM me with any leads. If you have them for sale, please provide me with price and quantity. jeepmor
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