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Found 7 results

  1. New to this and decided to try to use this rail I found in my deceased brothers collection. I can't ask him where he got it. There are no markings on it and I have done hours upon hours of internet searching. Definitely more than I should have. Closet thing that might work is the BCM KMR barrel nut from Bravo. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I attached a link to the images I put on Imgur. Hopefully this works. http://imgur.com/a/X9jTysR
  3. I know there is a minimum requirement of 16 total inches of barrel on a rifle of any kind without a SBR tax stamp. Is there a MAXIMUM length of a barrel of a pistolized ar15? Can I have the shop cut and crown an upper I already have to a pistol length like 10.5 as long as the rest of the assembly meets pistol requirements like no stock, no second grip etc. I have an extra AR upper that is just sitting and for some reason uppers for a 10.5 pistol are more expensive than a 16" carbine. Thanks
  4. What BCG would you buy and why this is a rifle I am building? nickel boron, chrome plated, or phosphate
  5. So I have a bunch of this stuff shot about 100 rounds functions great. its a ss109 round. I hear this ammo is actually better than the fed xm 193/855 that we can get because each round is fully sealed so is the primer. Would you trust your life to this ammo? Anyone out there shoot 1000+ rounds of this yet? What do you all think?
  6. I've had my BHW barrel for about a year now. I've been real happy with it using federal gold medal match 69 grain ammo. Recently I decided to start hand loading. Since the 69 grain gmm ammo worked so well I decided to stick with the 69 grain sierra match king bullets. I'm reloading with PMC brass, Remington 7 1/2 primers, and 24.2 grains of H4895. Some examples of groups I've shot at 100 yards. I have a bunch of these so these aren't only when the stars align groups it happens with pretty good regularity. So after being very happy with it at 100 yards, getting zeroed, and testing muzzle velocity in various temps with a chronograph it was time to hit the longer range. First time out with my hand loads I set up a target at 600 yards. I dialed the scope for the conditions and fired a 5 round group. The 5 round group from 600 yards can be seen on the target they are marked with a black mark beside them. After checking that target and being happy I immediately moved out to 770 yards. I dialed the scope for that range and shot another 5 round group. With my calculations my hand loaded 69 grain smk's went transonic at the 700 yard mark. So I was 70 yards beyond the range of going transonic. The 69 grain smk's became unstable at this range and it shows with key holing on the target. I was still able to get all 5 shots on an idpa size silhouette target at 770 yards. Here is the target:
  7. How's it going guys, was just looking for some quick answers before buying a rear iron sight, so I don't look like a jackass at my local gun store I got a question, I recently purchased a front clamp on flip up iron sight for my vmatch gasblock, It sits on my bushmaster predator, I was just wondering if I go to my local gun store can I buy any rear flip up sight? I might not get alot of answers because no one really knows what the heck a clamp on iron sight is lol but if you have any knowledge of this topic of iron sights please share, appreciate any input thank you for reading take care
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