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Found 3 results

  1. Hello all, this is my 1st post, though most of you have already helped me in some way or another. I'm building my 1st AR, nothing special, PSA & Magpul. It all started with an 80 percent lower, and the research and searching went from there. What I'm a little concerned with, is how the interaction with LE and game wardens will be. I know about the selling and trading of them (DO NOT DO IT), but is the game warden going to give me hassles while I'm out hunting? And also, how are the local police and sheriffs going to react when I show them my "assault rifle" with no serial numbers on it. In case of traffic stops etc. Now, I know it's LEGAL to build, own, and use this type of AR, but is there anything else I need to do/know? I live in California, so I have less rights than most, but all talk with knowledgeable people and research(I need to see and know for myself lol) has basically told me that I'm ok and will have no problems. Living in CA, this just feels too good to be true. Am I missing anything? Thanks in advance guys.
  2. Hello folks, We are a new sponsor of the forum and would like to introduce our new Modulus Arms Universal AR-15 80% Lower Jig. Aside from being the only true universally compatible router based AR-15 80% lower jig on the market, we believe our jig is the easiest and most accurate jig available for finishing your lower. We accomplished this feat through decades of engineering experience. At Modulus Arms, we are a team of engineers with an AR-15 habit. Or AR-15 enthusiasts with an engineering habit, whichever way you want to look at it. Our Jig uses standardized features to center and locate the lower into our jig during the finishing process. Other jigs on the market use non-standardized dimensions to locate the lower in the jig, which can and will result in out of spec features. The Modulus Arms Jig's integrated drill guide and supplied drill depth gauge makes the drilling portion of the finishing process a breeze. With our jig, the user is required to drill far less holes which saves time and reduces the opportunity for mistakes. A common woodworking router with an end mill bit attachment is used to finish the lower with precision and accuracy. We have an entire series of instructional videos and are always available to answer any questions for our customers. On top of all that, our Universal Compatibility Guarantee instills further confidence in our customers to know that they will not be left hanging if problems arise. Please take a moment to browse our website where you will find more information and available products. Our hot seller right now is our Universal Jig + Anodized Billet 80% Lower Package which is a great deal if we can say so ourselves! Please feel free to send us a PM or email us at sales at modulusarms.com with any questions!
  3. So I finally decided to buy an 80%er. The only place I could find that had them ready to ship was http://www.80percentar.com/ I was weary cause from what I could find out it is a relatively new company (I shared this info in the new products section). I measured it all out though and It is mil-spec and seems to be good quality. I want to know if anyone knows of a good video tutorial that shows how to finish one off cleanly? All the ones I found show sloppy jobs of machining. Any advice or links would be appreciated.
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