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Found 6 results

  1. I picked up a new pistola last month. I was able to sell off a Gen 3 Glock 26 for $500 and fund most of the purchase on the Walther. My LGS had both the compact 4 inch, and a full size 5 inch gun. I opted for the compact 4, because I had an inkling it might become a carry gun. I ordered my optic plate for it as soon as I got it home, and Walther had it to me in about a week, which was great since their website was quoting a month. I also ordered a set of AmeriGlo steel suppressor height sights for it to replace the crummy plastic sights it comes with. My only complaint is that, for a $650 gun, it could come with suppressor height steel sights out of the box. Smith & Wesson does this on the optic ready M&P 2.0's that sell for less. I also hoovered up the two spare mags the LGS had on the shelf - sorry to the poor dude who bought the full size gun from them after that and wanted mags - because the spares on the shelf were the 18 round full size mags! I got the gun out to the range last week to see how she shoots - I ran a mix of 115 and 124 ball thru it, and some 115, 124, and 147 grain JHP's. Going back to the range this afternoon. I think I hafta drift the rear sight over a tad, because the gun consistently shot left last time, by about an inch and half to two inches, but man it is a sweet shooter. The trigger on this gun is the best striker fired trigger I've had out of the box, and i'd say it beats the Apex kits for Glocks or M&P's easily. Its about as light as I feel comfortable on a carry gun. It is both lighter, and a tad crisper than the single action trigger on my Sig P6. I'm putting off the purchase of a red dot and light to mount on it till after the holidays, but my plan is to drop a Holosun 507C or 508T on it. I'd love to go with a non-Chinesium sight, but my astigmatism doesn't play well with single dots anymore and I do not like Trijicon's triangle reticle, and no one else has a non-dot reticle besides Holosun. I might opt for the Primary Arms edition of the 507C, with the ACSS chevron reticle. I currently run a 507K on my M&P and use the EO-Tech style circle-dot reticle, as it doesn't starburst the way the single dot reticle does. I wish Trijicon would do an RMR sight with the ACSS Vulcan like Holosun. After my last range trip, I did decide to start carrying the Walther, at least part time until I get the RDS for it. Its lighter than the M&P and the ergos are just a bit better. Both are good guns and shoot well for me. The recoil impulse on the Walther is a little flippier, but it also seems to cycle faster than the M&P's so its back on target quicker, and the shot groups a little tighter. I can't wait to see what I can do with an optic, vs the suppressor sights. I may also pick up a steel guide rod for the Walther - its been said to tame the flippiness of the muzzle a tad. No big deal if it doesn't. The only issue I have with the Walther, because the slide stop is so damn long, I noticed a tendency to ride the slide stop. I have to train myself to get my shooting hand thumb away from the frame. I do like that the right-hand slide stop lever works as well and as easily as the left-side lever. My M&P is not nearly that easy to use on the left hand side. As a right hander, this is not a huge deal, but I like the right-side controls to be functional, should I find myself having to use the gun left handed for whatever reason. This was a good addition to my compact-pistol addiction.
  2. I have 2 closed containers of brass cleaned a bunch of years ago and put away, I just found them last week and dont need them. 40S&W container weighs 25.8 pounds (about 2500+ cases) $80 shipped 10MM container weighs 22.4 pounds (about 2000+ cases) $225 shipped 357mag 100 brand new unprimed Federal cases $20 shipped SOLD... 38special 500 brass cases $35 shipped.....SOLD 38special 250 nickel cases $25 shipped 9mm 2lbs in a coffee can, don’t have a count Make offer or trade 280Remington 100 brand new unprimed cases Make offer or trade New unused Hornady 40/10mm 3 die set carbide, Make offer or trade postal money orders only I’m willing to trade on any of this stuff, looking for 30 cal bullets for a 30-30, or Barnes .224 diameter 70gr TSX. 30-30 dies don’t like the prices..... make offer thanks, Boomer
  3. Have you guys seen the new Sig Sauer Legion Series?? Wow those pistols rock and I already ordered the p229 in 40 Cal just as soon as they are available for purchase. The 9mm is already out and being sold, but I have 4 9mms' and must have that Legion. :oh yea: Link to Legion P229
  4. Well Santa Claus came early for me this year dropping off the Sig Sauer Legion P229 9mm at my fun dealer's business. I was super shocked to see the last two digits of the serial number are 99 I already called Sig to register it and now my account is switched over to Legion along with my Legion hard shell carry case and challenge coin order is processed, so here are some photos of it snapped here in the house to get them up so I would not get yelled at. Last I will get some better photos when I get it outside for a trail run. What I have found with handling just a few minutes. Grips feel wonderful and solid as a rock, these G10 grips do not feel as thick as the ones on my other Sigs and feel more streamlined. Edit to add: Grips feel much better in my hands, over the fatter G10 grips. The front sight wow that is much different looking down the slide and seeing that green circle there . The beaver tail looks and feels shorter that the ones on the Elite pistols and I like that a tad better I think, but reserving final judgement on that until I shoot it. Edit to add: Beavertail on the Legion I like better than the Elite Series, it is a tad shorter and works perfectly when holding the pistol. Trigger in these are adjustable, but the way it feels now I am not adjusting anything, nice clean crisp trigger and I see no reason to monkey around with it doing anything. Decocker and Slide lock are I will call a low profile and smaller than the ones on all my other Sigs, I do like that decocker this way, but the slide lock I am reserving judgement on that as well. Edit to add: I like the slide release and decoker better on the Legion mainly due the checkering on them, your thumb has a less chance of sliding off the two with this checkering. Checkering on the trigger guard I like that better also. One shocker is this pistol came with a tube of Lucas Oil instead of the Mil Comm TW25 grease for lubrication, I was shocked to see this but it will not change my habits of lubricating my pistols with the Mil Comm. All and all I really like this pistol out of the box Edit to Add More Pics: More Pics: Grips with Legion Logo: Barrel Feed ramp is polished, but it is a dull finish and dang cannot get a good pic of it. Slide: Frame:
  5. What is the best 9mm self defense ammunition? Cost is no consideration. About twenty years I bought a box of self defense ammo for my 9mm and, fortunately, I've never needed to use it. I shoot tons of reloaded target ammo but not my self defense ammo which I keep loaded in seperate magazines. From what I've read, self defense ammo has improved significantly over the years. I'd like to replace my self defense ammo. What would you recommend?
  6. Hey guys, My girlfriend enjoys shooting guns (9mm Glock) and the .22 but she is fairly recoil sensitive. She only weighs 105 lbs so I'm not surprised. I'm learning that it is counter-productive to try and "force" a bigger caliber on her (so to speak). I would still like to get her setup with a carbine for self defense purposes but even the (relatively) mild .223 is out. To this end I'm considering getting her a 9mm carbine. I've read into the various non-AR 9mm platforms out there and there are only a couple that look suitable: the Beretta CX4 Storm and the (discontinued) Ruger PC9. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beretta_Cx4_Storm https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ruger_Police_Carbine The Hi-Point hasn't have the capacity (10 rnds), the Kel-Tec isn't durable enough (and I don't hate Kel-Tec, I own an SU-16C & a PF9). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hi-Point_Carbine https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kel-Tec_SUB-2000 I'm considering an AR-15 platform 9mm because (as long as I use the right parts) it can be a fairly easy switch to .223 if she ever gets up the nerve. My biggest "barrier to entry" is wanting to get some real-world opinions on the recoil of a 9mm carbine compared to a .223 carbine. The 9mm has about 1/3rd the muzzle energy but I'm not sure that will directly translate into 1/3rd the recoil. If the weapon doesn't have light enough recoil, then I'm on a hopeless quest. If I do go the AR-15 route I am thinking about doing a 5.56 upper & lower, with a magwell block.
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