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Found 11 results

  1. Hello I am new to the AR platform and I'm needing help establishing what is wrong with my firearm. Every time I load a magazine and use my bolt release or charging handle to put a round in the chamber my BCG and charging handle get stuck and I have to mortar my gun every time to even use the charging handle. The gun is very inconsistent when firing with this. More than half the time of trying to fire, I'll pull the trigger and the hammer will fall and nothing happens. The trigger stays stuck in the back position and safety gets stuck on fire. Once I mortar the firearm the charging handle then of course unlocks the trigger and safety. There has been times though when I load only 4 rounds in a mag and after I have to mortar that first round, the firearm will shoot the other 3 like there is no problem. I am fairly certain that every time I loaded my mag the first round never fired. It was not until I mortared it a couple of times then maybe a round would go off or two or even three if i was lucky. Keep in mind I bought this firearm as a whole, this was my first time trying to fire the firearm and this is what happened. Since then I have lubed up the BCG and have yet to see if this makes a difference. My firearm is a Radical Firearms 6.5 Grendel and I have been using Hornady's Black 6.5 123 Grain ELD Please any response would be very very appreciated!
  2. Whats up guys So I just picked up my AR from the gun store after getting a cerekote done on the upper and lower receiver. I also purchased a Sharps Rifle Company XPB Bolt Carrier Group and Radian Raptor charging handle. Upon installing those parts, the rifle has became very difficult to charge. The BCG will get stuck half way through the buffer tube and sometimes all the way in the buffer tube. So I tried to lube it up but its still very rough and feels like there is a lot of friction going on. I took out the XPB BCG and put my original BCG back in and it runs smooth after that. Its an American Tactical upper and an 80% built lower. All metal, no polymer. I was thinking maybe getting a new buffer tube assembly(new tube, spring, and buffer) because its pretty old and the buffer shows signs of a lot of wear. Im not close to being a gunsmith so I need some help from the more experienced guys here. I haven't tried to run any rounds through it with the XPB because i'm just too worried I might damage something.
  3. Hi. My name is Chris, and I'm new to the site, and I am building my first AR. I have been slowly buying all the parts to building my AR and have reached a road block. You see I want to try something different. A side charging piston AR. the Upper Gibbz LH side charger, the Piston conversion from Adams Arms. Now the problem a Piston BCG. For the life of me every Bolt carrier for the left handed people I find has a gas key on them. these are the last three parts i need to buy and my rifle is complete. Does anybody make a BCG that eject to the left that will work with a piston ? or will i have to get this custom made, and who can do that kinda work? Any help would greatly be appreciated. By the way I have already contacted Stag and Adams arms on this to no avail.
  4. Hi everyone, So I finished my first 80% lower milling. I thought I also finished my first build of one, but that might not be the case. I assembled the AR fine with no troubles until I went to slide the BCG. It will not slide back happily. I am using a BCM complete upper (with their bcg, charging handle) as well as a BCM buffer tube kit with their spring and buffer. Once I assembled it I attempted to slide the BCG back and was met with almost immediate resistance. I swapped uppers and had the same problem. I also put the upper on an older lower and they functioned fine.I verified that the buffer detent was in place correctly. Any suggestions?
  5. Well I have been looking at the bolt materials. My question is, which is better; Carpenter 158 or 9310 Tool steel? I have a nick boron BCG with a 158 bolt in my current carbine. Got about 1000 fds and no problems so far...still early I know. I am looking at a nitrided bcg for my next build.
  6. Hello, I'm a longtime lurker and fairly new to the AR. One day, after cleaning and reassembling my S&W Sporter, I did the regular check of charging the handle and squeezing the trigger to make sure the reassmebly was correct. Then, I wanted to check to see if it would chamber a round. I loaded the mag and pulled back on the charging handle and released it. The bolt slid forward but without sufficient force to load a cartridge. I pulled it back again and released the handle and the bolt would hit the cartridge but would not go forward with it. I took the BCG out of the receiver and inspected it and I'm sure I put it back together as the instructions said. Does anyone have any idea what the problem could be? Also, is the bolt supposed to slide back freely with the cam pin in it? That appears to be what is stopping the cartridge from loading. The bolt hits the cartridge and gives way to sliding back into the carrier. So it's not holding its position in the forward direction when it strikes the cartridge in its attempt to load it into the chamber. I hope to get to the range this week and test it out. Thanks!
  7. Here Is the problem I have had three bcg the have done this they have all been nickel boron. The gas key is binding to the gas tube. I have read that nib coatings are too thick but it has been three different nib Bolt carrier groups. The newest is a spikes and it is awesome if it cycled. Do you think I can take super high grit and paper and just rotate it in the gas key to take a Little coating off or do you think the Gas tube is the problem? Without gas tube cycles fine.. If I take super high grit sand paper and rotate a couple times like a simulated wear in period would it hurt the gas key? Spike upper and lower stag 2 stage trigger Cobra 18 inch fluted barrel Spike nib bcg
  8. What BCG would you buy and why this is a rifle I am building? nickel boron, chrome plated, or phosphate
  9. Works on the SR25 platform, AM-10, DPMS, POF, CMMG, etc; bolt carrier is chrome lined and made from 8620 steel, bolt is made from 9310 steel, each bolt is shot peened and MPI tested, phosphated finish, chrome lined gas key staked properly, cam pin, chrome plated firing pin, retaining pin, ready to drop in your upper! http://www.andersonrifles.net/index.php/308-win-bolt-carrier-group.html#.UfL1h_go7IV
  10. So I've noticed that there are Full-Auto Bolt Carrier Groups and then regular Semi-Auto ones. What's the difference between them to be put in my AR-15? Is the Full-Auto one just generally more durable?
  11. Hi everyone I'm new to all this. I have a Stag model 8 and was curious what BCG would be good to go with if I was too replace the one that came stock with the model 8. I know it would have to be one made for gas pistons but are there any other differences in BCG's like say ones specifically made just for .223 and 5.56. Are dimensions in all BCG;s for gas piston systems the same? Is the main difference the material its made of the individual mpi testing and what they are coated with? So many questions just trying to learn everything I can. I only was made aware of replacing this due to a friend last night saying he put military grade BCG in his rifles said they were thicker and more durable. So I figure I'd come here and ask the more enlightened ones. Whats the difference between them? Whats a few places I could get a replacement for a stag model 8? Will all BCG'c made for piston systems work just fine or is there enough of a difference in them to where I could only use certain companies products? In the end I just want to have parts in my first Ar to be as durable and reliable as it can be. Thanks in advance for any info and advice.
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