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Found 4 results

  1. I know most of us are budget restricted on what we can get versus what we want, so here are my thoughts on the "fighting carbine" concept. First off, remember there is always more than one way to do things, this is my way if it works for you great. So what do I consider a "fighting carbine"- well typically it will be 16 inch or less barrel length with a collapsible stock. The reason for the barrel length and collapsible stock is for maneuverability in tight spaces. This is the gun you will defend your home, your vehicle, etc. with, so a full size 20 inch rifle gets a bit cumbersome for these tasks. Essential components of the fighting carbine- 1. A quality weapon- off the shelf guns typically from Colt, BCM, DD, etc. and builds using quality components from places like BCM, PSA, etc. The basic carbine has to function reliably to be trusted with defensive tasks. 2. Iron sights- either folding BUIS, or the carry handle will do for close quarters work. 3. Sling- you need a quality sling, I use a single point but that is my preference, a good 2 point sling will provide not only a means of carrying the weapon but also when used correctly to stabilize the weapon during firing. 4. Optics- for those that wish to use them, a zero magnification red dot, holosight, etc. This is for close quarters and out to 25 yds use, yes it will be capable of out to 300 and beyond but for the purposes of defense we focus on close range work. I am using the Vortex Strikefire II, there are many good offerings from Vortex and Primary Arms that will fit into any budget, if you want to be a Navy Seal or Delta Operator then spend the $$$$ on Aimpoint and Trijicon gear. 5. Magazines- most of the failures I have experienced over the last 28 years have been mag or ammo related, rarely has it been the actual weapon that was the problem (other than extremely dirty). PMags are good mags, they take a lot of abuse that will kill GI type mags, for the most part the latest generation is bombproof reliable. Mark your mags so if you have an issue you can know which mag is funky and either replace it or repair (new spring, follower). These items are your bare minimum for a fighting carbine, you can add more if your situation dictates. Another good item to have is a weapons light, not all lights are created equal- Surefire are bombproof, but the Primary Arms Ultimate Weapon Light Gen 3 is a great light, waterproof, bright, and compatible with the aftermarket mounts for the Surefire 951 from LaRue, etc. you cannot shoot what you cannot see. Keep the carbine light, you can accessorize until you have an unwieldy beast, remember essential items only on this concept. In my world I use this carbine for sport shooting, HD, and work gun it has to function period. My base rifle started life as a Colt 6920, and I replaced components based on preference and experience. For the beginner, get the best rifle you can afford, upgrade as you can, quality components aren't that crazy expensive.
  2. I am looking for some solid on-line channels (or websites, blogs) displaying dry fire drills / techniques. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Brown Santa arrived this evening at the house and I am so happy. The Box of greatness: After I opened the Box: First Item I opened was the spare barrel I got with this little jewel: Then came the Crown Jewel itself: and notice there is no more Patent Pending on these Uppers: Now just like everyone else there are certain tweeks that folks do to their stuff regardless if it is a new rifle or upper and while in the process of this everyone must have a Supervisor to perform this tasks correctly. Meet Perci my 14lb Supervisor. So the first two things I have done thus far is to remove the FA BCG and Charging Handle, these two items will be on route to Amelon Firearms for proper love and care, the BCG will be micro-sliked and the CH will be cerakoted. Then we replaced them with a Amelon Firearms Micro-Sliked LMT BCG and Armadynamics ACLM. Side Shot Okay more photos to follow, got to add a few things. Edit to add Photos: Ready for the range and to zero now, added Comp M4 and ICE Arms Sunburst Comp "Aimpoint Magnifier only there for zeroing purposes then will be removed to install the ARMS 41L and 41L-F Buis" Close up of the Sunburst
  4. Folks I know these complete rifles are hard to find now in stock with rumors they are two years or more back ordered, but just fyi Operation Parts has one, possibly more than one in stock and if anyone is searching for one here it is: LMT CQB MRP Piston
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